Newsletter № 8, October – November 2010

Hello Everyone,

John and I have been travelling from Australia, to Dubai to see family, to U.K. where John was born, and then to South of France; back to Dubai again with a short visit to Cairo to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

We were constantly guided while moving from one place to another – the only real thing I wanted to research before we left upon our journey, was the Bay of Marys in South of France where it is said members of Jesus family escaped to after he was crucified. The other place of interest was Mt. Segur which was the last bastion of the Cathars and where they were burnt to death, supposedly ending 1200 years of the Cathar lifestyle and beliefs.

Now, almost home, I have found we have been shown an overview of the beginning of the Christian Teachings at the time of the Roman Empire; how it developed in the South of France, then known as Gaul; how the Catholic Church and its Popes and anti-popes became locked into political and wealth affairs at Avignon with a 70 year break from Rome; and how we have ended our trip in Egypt which is the home where the original teachings that influenced the early Christians emerged from … in the beginning.

I shall be writing an article … so while you are waiting for the article, here are some of the photos from the annual ceremony at the Bay of Marys

re-enactment of landing, Bay of Maries

Preparing for the re-enactment of the landing of the three Marys on the beach at the Bay of Maries in Camargue. We just ‘happened’ to arrive a day before the once a year performance.

Beach at the Bay of Maries

Hundreds of people began gathering on the beach (behind us) awaiting the performance at 8pm in the night.

An Orb on the beach, overlooking gypsies as they prepare for renactment at the Bay of Maries

The gypsies arriving onto the beach to bring the immigrants ashore. I asked ‘upstairs’ to give me a sign and I found a large Blue orb showed up in the photo. More photos to come soon with the article. (The article has now been posted. You can read this here )

Star People Revisited

Following on from my last newsletter announcing the availability of STARPEOPLE REVISITED in eBook format, I would now like to add that it is also available with coloured pictures, in a PDF file which you can Download, print out and have it bound so that you have your own copy to share around.

I have made a small charge of AUD$7.00 just to help cover website operational costs. I am mindful that you will be taking up the cost of printing the file.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

  • If you are curious as to how the human evolved from an upstanding ape-like creature
  • If there are other ‘human’ like life-forms in other worlds not of earth
  • If it is possible to recall past-historical events within our own mind
  • You will find this eBook enthralling, enlightening and evidential because so many people experienced the same memory.

    The New Frontier is within our INNER SPACE – when we master this we will find we have moved into Outer Space, and that there is no separation.

    You can read more about the new book on this page, and you can order the book on our order page.

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    Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.