Love is the Way

Love is the Way
by Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, Love is the Way by Dr Anthony Emmett

We are all beings of very Love itself. Our bodies, our thoughts, all our actions manifest love in one form or another. Everything else that is not love, is a self-deception.

Love, in its many forms is the basis of our lives. This book is about self-realisation through love. It is also about healing ourselves and the world, in these troubled times.

Here, Dr Anthony Emmett, a retired reconstructive surgeon from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, writes and delineates the simple spirit of love within which gives the strength and courage to deal with this life, this place, these circumstances that we find ourselves in.

This small, pocket-sized book is filled with simple, gentle, flowing reflections on love. An excellent little tome to keep in the shirt pocket or the purse, to take out for reflective reading from time to time.


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The Hidden Mystery

The Hidden Mystery
by Dr Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, The Hidden Mystery, by Dr Anthony Emmett

This book is intended to be a practical guide for those engaged on the exploration of the spirit within. It is only a beginning, and in the list of further reading are the books that have helped us on this journey of exploration. Seeking the God within requires application and self-discipline but is fully rewarded. As Sai Baba says, he is showing the way to find God in this age, whether you wish to do this within yourself or whether you do so through whatever religion you were raised with, is your choice.”

This is the account of a young man from Ayr, Queensland, who followed his father into medical practice and qualified in the UK as a reconstructive surgeon (sometimes called a ‘Plastic Surgeon’). The author reflects that he has had spiritual guidance in unrelated compartments of his life, from a young man making boats, the practice of surgery, and after his surgery was discontinued, as an artist working with sculpture.

The reconstructive surgeon took one year off during 1986 from his practice and visited many ancient sites and spiritual places. He attended various psychic readers and learned of the spiritual realm, culminating in a visit to Sai Baba.

There is a diverse introduction to the spiritual life, commencing with reincarnation, the general karmic theory, divinity, inspiration, life after death, and the purpose of human incarnation. There is good integration between the author’s medical and surgical background and the broadminded introduction to spirituality.


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This book is available for $15 plus postage and packaging. Payment options may be either through Paypal or Cheque/Money order Please use the contact page to make your order. You will be advised the amount to pay (Postage rate is on distance sent – you will need to give us your postal code and location;) go to the Book Order Page

Contacts avec les Pléiadiens

Les livres de Valérie Barrow en Français:

Contacts avec les Pléiadiens

French Book Cover

Il y a près d’un million d’années, alors que notre planète n’était encore qu’un habitat hostile dans lequel régnaient des races à la nature belliqueuse, ne connaissant ni l’amour ni la compassion, un vaisseau spatial quitta la huitième étoile de la constellation des Pléiades avec, à son bord, 50 000 personnes originaires de différents points de la galaxie. Son nom : le Rexégéna. Sa destination : la Terre. Son but : y créer une culture empreinte de la conscience cristalline. Mais la Mission du Rexégéna ne se déroula pas exactement telle que prévue par la Hiérarchie de Lumière des Pléiades. C’est ce que révèle ce livre dans lequel vous apprendrez comment la Terre fut ensemencée d’une humanité dont nous sommes tous les descendants.

Depuis de nombreuses années, Valérie Barrow est en contact avec des êtres multidimensionnels. C’est par l’intermédiaire d’une entité du nom d’Alcheringa, appartenant au “Peuple des Étoiles”, qu’elle a reçu ces informations sur nos origines, notre parcours et surtout notre devenir.

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Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium

Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium

Les livres de Valérie Barrow en Français :

French Book Cover

Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium Valérie J. Barrow

« La Terre est sur un chemin d’ascension menant vers un portail qui s’ouvre de plus en plus et conduit tout ce qu’elle renferme au monde de la Lumière d’Or qui sera connu sous le nom d’Age d’Or. »

Le Livre de l’Amour par un médium restitue les méditations de l’auteur en symbiose avec la Pierre Alchringa, transmise au peuple Aborigène Australien de l’Origine par les Peuples des Étoiles.

Il émane de la Pierre une énergie très particulière qui renferme la mémoire de la création de notre humanité. Grâce à elle, Valérie Barrow eut accès à une forme de conscience qui n’impliquait aucun processus de pensée. C’est ainsi que cet ouvrage a vu le jour. Il est une préparation aux révélations contenues dans son second livre (La mission du Rexegéna) qui nous raconte en détail comment les extraterrestres venus de la constellation des Pléiades ont « ensemencé » la Terre.

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Contacts avec les Pléiadiens

Alien Outback Encounters

Alien Outback Encounters

DVD Cover, Alien Outback Encounters

This DVD is a produced by Attitude Productions/Flims of Tamworth, NSW.

The DVD focusses on Alien sightings in Australia’s remote outback Alice Springs to the undexplained mysteries of the Devil’s Marbles and the unexplained Cave Art near Sydney, NSW.


The DVD contains new footage, expert testimonies and mind-boggling UFO photos. One of the interviews on this DVD is of Valérie Barrow as she explains the mission of the Mothership Rexegena, and the role of the Alcheringa Stone with the Cave Art nearby Sydney, NSW.

Alien Outback Encounters runs for 55 minutes and is available from Attitiude Productions. Contact Graham Archer, phone (61) 02 6797 5737, mobile (61) 0419 817 215. Email contact is

Alien Outback Encounters is © Attitude Productions/Films, 2008

ALCHERINGA – When the First Ancestors were Created

Book Cover - Alcheringa


Valérie’s second book – that continues the journey into discovering Earth’s past evolution.

“ALCHERINGA” when the first ancestors were created. – describing The Mission of the Mothership Rexegena from the Pleiades nearly 1 million years ago.


You can read the Table of Contents, Author’s Note, Synopsis and Introduction along with the first two Chapters of ALCHERINGA, when the first ancestors were created.

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The Book of Love by a Medium

Book Cover - Book of Love by a Medium

THE BOOK OF LOVE by a Medium is written by Australian author Valérie Barrow. It is an attempt to bring “mediumship” out of the closet and lend respectability and credibility to this art in the minds of the general public.

A Medium is not only one who receives messages from an unseen source, but is also a person who allows an unseen personality to take over the earth body and communicate through it.

The following is a review of The Book of Love by Christine Paul from the October, 1996 Silver Cord Magazine:

A true spiritual gem – simply written and straight from the heart. Valérie Barrow, an exceptionally gifted medium, invites us to join with her on an amazing inner journey, encountering profound spiritual revelations along the way. As an “Ambassador of Spirit”, Valérie has been in clairaudient contact with the Star People for many years. Now, through the presence of the legendary Alcheringa Stone (first brought to Earth by the Star People and given to the ancient Aboriginal tribes), she is able to channel cosmic messages of immense significance for all of mankind. These messages are received during a series of ‘sittings’ with the stone and form a diary of entries. Indeed, the Stone too is a record-keeper in itself. It tells the story of long ago when Earth was inhabited by an advanced civilization that came from other worlds. The peoples that came from other Planets to inhabit this Earth, brought the Pleiadian energy at this time. “The peoples on this Earth received them with open arms. (The Stone holds the history in its energy of the changes that have taken place on this earth. In a way, it is like a diary, but it is a Book of Love. For at all times it has tried to transmute energies into those of love.”

Prior to her receiving the Alcheringa Stone, Valérie was woken at night by Light Beings and asked telepathically if she was ready to start writing a book. She was informed that Sai Baba would help her. Little knowing what the content of the book was to be, she apprehensively agreed, taking comfort in the knowledge that whatever Spirit requests is for the highest good. Some months later, mysteriously, the Stone came into her guardianship.

The Stone comes from the God source, so whenever Valérie sits with it or “romances the stone’ what is actually happening is that she is led back to the Light Being that is connected with the Group of Souls of which she is a part. She is thus able to access soul memory of a Light Being existing in a dimension of light on Venus.

Everyday miracles are a feature of this book. Before visiting Sai Baba in India, she wonders if somehow he is connected with White Eagle, who she had been channelling for some time. As if in response, after opening a book by White Eagle, Valérie finds a picture of Sai Baba manifested inside. The realisation is that these two Masters share the same energy.

Similarly, upon her return from India, Valérie finds that the energy has changed and a Light Being presents himself as Sanat Kumara. “He told us that he was a Light Being and that White Eagle was an aspect of him and that he had never incarnated on this Earth…Somehow I felt that he was showing us that this was the way it was with all of us here on this Earth. That we in the personalities that we are on this Earth now are aspects, not just an oversoul (that is, the collection of all the personalities that we have been), but rather a Light Being from other worlds that has never incarnated on Earth and in fact, the Master of ourselves.”

Having great empathy with the Aborigines and their way of perceiving Spirit, Valérie travels with a group of spiritual explorers to Uluru. It is at this point that one of the most intriguing insights in the book is presented. A parallel is made between the Book of Revelation and the Aboriginal Dreamtime. Was Uluru really an asteroid from far galaxies, impacting into earth? If so, what are the implications for Australia now emerging as one of the world’s pioneer countries of the New Age Movements?

Uplifting, inspiring, empowering, The Book of Love is a heart-felt account of “leading edge” spiritual adventure at its best!

You may order The Book of Love by a Medium (personally blessed by Sathya Sai Baba) from Valérie Barrow ….The story is now retold in our STARLADY book, The True story of Valérie and Mr. Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow.

Books are signed by the author on request. Only limited numbers remain – The manuscript and the publication has been personally blessed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba – The Avatar in India – it gives the book a special energy.

He said it wasn’t finished – I didn’t understand that until the 2nd Book ‘Alcheringa, When the first Ancestors were created.’ began to be written. He blessed that manuscript also. If you would like a copy send your address – and if you would like to make a special donation that would be welcome to cover post and packaging costs.

Email: Email

Please also take a look at the “THE BOOK OF LOVE BY A MEDIUM – An Addendum” page.

More reviews:

Judy Carroll writes this review from: The Book Of Love (Paperback):

The Book of Love is very appropriately named, because Love is what this book is about. It is based on the daily meditations of the author, and is refreshingly different as the spirituality of the Aboriginals, the indigenous people of Australia, is focused upon with insight and respect.

The author refers to “Worlds upon Worlds upon Worlds upon Worlds”, which is a wonderfully descriptive way of expressing the multi-dimensional reality of the universe, the majority of which is beyond our limited Earth human conscious awareness. The Aboriginal people, like many other indigenous, tribal-based societies, have retained this deeper understanding of reality – a reality that has been mostly lost in the shallow, physically-oriented and material-based understanding of so-called “civilized” societies.

Fascinating information is provided on Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia, which is the spiritual heart of the country. This really resonated with me, having visited there in September, 2013.