December 2016, Newsletter №2

Hello Everyone,
We are home from our trip to the South Sea Islands, and we look to a restful Christmas – although Christmas can mean a lot of hustle and bustle for many.

In this newsletter we read about the extinction of the Australian Pygmies, listen to the Dalai Lama speak of our basic human goodness and consider the past and the hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb room. We know of the Indigo children, the starseeds and the rainbow children – those children born with the full spectrum of light. They are the message bringers of the higher dimensions, these children, and we read about parenting and raising such children. We bring you images of a black hole swallowing a star, and you may listen to some music which reduces anxiety. 2017 as a numerology adds up to 1, and we examine this significance. What happens to the fish when lightning strikes the water? We bring you some data from the BBC about this interesting topic. (Be warned, don’t float in storms!) Christmas is a festive time for many and tables are generously laden with foods. We look to the Buddha’s Diet for clues about mindful eating. We celebrate the Christmas season and the origins of the Christmas Tree itself. And we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Newsletter, December 2016


Hello Everyone,
For once, I get to talk like The Queen! My Husband and I (a phrase Her Majesty first used in Australia) fully appreciate the wonderful and generous medicare system in Australia have have decided to celebrate with a cruise around the islands …. and we shall share more about The Islands … when we return to terra firma! Ha!

We are eager to see evidence of transformation on Earth and Peace in Space. We also bring you news of excavations, xrays and infra-red scans in Tutankhamen’s tomb and the search for hidden rooms for there is a relationship between Tutankhamen and Australia as found by our work in the Mystery School and the glyphs and tomb of the royal prince at Kariong. We finish with some reflections from the teachings of Lord Buddha, as Bodhi Day comes this week on December 8th.

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Newsletter, October 2016

purelightHello Everyone,
Many would say it has been a sorry time of late with heavy energy and needs clamouring for attention. I like to quote Maharishi Mahesh Yogi here – “see the job, do the job, stay out of the suffering” … that seems to be the message for the days that drag on our energy.

And yet, we all have the Universal Light within, and we can affirm that we are the light, we shine with light and we can give the light to others. This is one of the key messages of Ascension. I do hope you enjoy our newsletter.

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September 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

The Day of 9-9-9 passed an a bright spot lifted the Earth’s energies and sped us on the way to global transformation to beings of light and love. Like everything else in life, it is a journey to the light, and all journeys have their challenges. We welcome the bright spots with joy!

We seem to be looking at very large things in our newsletters, the Earth and all its water, Earth-like planets at our nearest star neighbour, Space itself, and the largest thing in the Universe. Rug up, it’s cold! We also look at the pride of Chinese social media, Yutu, the Moon Rover and experience Indigenous Australian places, like Dadirri, where we encounter the Earth’s narratives that give us a state of being … sometimes a self-discovery? I wonder. We look to the past again, with the discovery of another of Khufu’s solar barges, how Australia looked in the Ice Age and finish with a photographic story of a versatile koala.

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August 2016 Newsletter

columbiaHello Everyone,
Once again, my husband John and I find that our lives are blessed and cared for in ways that we cannot see. After a recent check-up – and missing my appointment for a channelling – I find that my dis-appointment has become an appointment with spirit guides running about everywhere arranging things. All I had to do was be there! Ha!

And our lives can be like this as well. All we have to do is say, “Dear God, I am ready to serve you” with your own gifts, skills and love, and The Source (God) will take care of everything thereafter. On to our newsletter, we are pretty much going up into the skies – as you will see with Marree Man – and then higher to Venus, then the Sun, then the Milky Way and then the Universe with magnificent images. Along our way we recall a day in the past when the UFO’s and cloudships visited us at Canyonleigh, and we look at a very large modern day UFO – once again taking the form of a cloudship. Migaloo – the white humpback whale – has returned the eastern seaboard coast and we rejoice!

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July Newsletter №2

whiteHello Everyone

We – that is, you and I, my husband John, and all who come here and read, along with our friends and well-wishers are all lightworkers of a kind. One kind or another, we carry the light within as the hope, the path and the goal for mankind in these days of darkness, in these times of challenge, in these times of madness when shocking thoughts reach down into individuals as a river of darkness and there is death, many deaths, and much suffering in the news bulletins. We are light-bearers! Before we were born, we agreed to come here (it is our soul contract) – to this darkening Earth – and to hold the light, in our hearts, in our minds, in our words and in our actions. This is all that the Source of All Creation asks of us. And the Source of All Creation, that love, that powerful vibration, will surround us and uplift all we come into contact with. Be still a while and know that you are ONE with THE ONE.

In this newsletter we look to a New Moon coming this Tuesday, and we bring research and considerations about the Moon. Over in the Mystery School, we have received information about the Central Sun of our Galaxy and the nature of the matter of this Sun and what emanates from it. Under guidance – and some speculation – we bring you information about Superwaves, and Binary Stars and what science is discovering, day by day, about our Universe. We take a look at what is possible with photography and smartphones. As Valerie said, “We may never trust a photo from a mobile phone again!” The Mystery School has been given much information about the history of the hairy-upstanding-ape, and in this newsletter we bring news of the ‘hobbit-humans’ and earlier versions of the hominoid and the “missing gap”. Who did they breed with? This is the mystery anthropologists and other researchers wrestle with. When the Divine takes birth as human, there is much said about the form and purposes of such a birth and life. We bring you a startling perception of Jesus. We also hail the return of Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale to the waters of Australia’s eastern coastline.

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July 2016 Newsletter №1


Hello Everyone
What is it about the cold days that brings so much more hustle and bustle? So much to do and so many places to go to, and we try and keep warm and keep the winter germs at bay. There is so much to share that we bring you an early newsletter for July; one and another astronomer mention the Sun has gone blank twice recently, and Cosmic Sai Baba chimed in, suggesting that not only was our Sun ringing the changes for all in our solar system, but also that there was much activity occuring in the Sun in the background!

Many years ago Oceangoing Team X found a circular rock-like formation on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, and this has come into notice again; perhaps humanity has a great discovery about our past in store. We all know of the “Hole in the Ozone Layer” and how this has led to an increase of skin conditions, and to global warming; we bring you news of the reversal of the “hole in the Ozone Layer”, welcome as it is. We share beautiful visuals of the worlds longest carving, made from a single trunk, and some timely reflections on how you are not your illness. (Perhaps my husband John and I should attend, tsk, tsk) We take a look at a strange planet with three suns, join the BBC as they examine the meal Leonardo Da Vinci placed on Jesus’ table, and look more deeply into the esoteric 4th/5th Dimensional Battle of Britain, money in banks and the role of Brexit in the 4D/5D Europe and the rest of our planet, and its spiritual significance.

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Newsletter, June 2016 № 2


Hello Everyone

The days of cold descend upon all those in the Southern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year has passed, and we think the coldest day of the year has passed. My husband John and I have both been slowed down by the dratted influenza and all that this brings in its tow. It is good, perhaps, to be laid down low for a time, for many of us simply drive from one appointment to the next, and answer the phone in between! Maybe the flu is just what the Source ordered!!

In this newsletter, we bring you more news about the posterity of the ancient Australian Aboriginals as Australia’s oldest. Due my work with the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena and Lion Island at Gosford, we looked very closely at a recent earthquake in Gosford. Mary Magdalene has been elevated in the Church! (Hip Hooray!!!) Mary Magdalene has now been elevated to the apostle to the apostles of Jesus and her feast day (July 22) is now a solemnity in the Roman Church. We read about what causes an ice age (many references to this recently), the secrets of water, and whether mushrooms are the new plastic. (the packaging is both edible and biodegradable! Hooray! ) We bring you much more, realistic looking not-burgers, BREXIT and the sharks (was it the new Battle of Britain on the 4th-5th Dimension???) and reflections on the recent solstice. I do hope you all enjoy reading the second part of the June Newsletter. There is so much to share.

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