La Perouse – a place of Origins ~ Yesterday and Today

sorry2000On this day in National Reconciliation Week when many indigenous peoples are commemorating the original Sorry Day March across the Sydney Harbour Bridge – and the inscription of “Sorry” above the skies of Sydney, NSW, Valérie recalls a recent visit to a childhood area where she lived, and her connections to La Perouse, a place of Indigenous, English and French origins in this land: this land which the oversighting spirit is the Indigenous Spirit Being by name Alcheringa.

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John’s Talk at the Old Lawrentians Reunion, Sydney

St Lawrence College, Ramsgate

John and Valérie attended the Old Lawrentian Reunion in Sydney on 24 October. John Barrow is an alumni of St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Kent which has been established as a “public school” ever since it was founded. John gives an account of an influential Master – the Rev. Martin Martin-Harvey who was most kind to young John Barrow.

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The Ghost of Charles Dickens – Part 2

As we have been taught by our Spirit Mentors and guides from “Upstairs”, we are not born with a blank slate. Rather, we bring a soul blue-print with us and we journey through life interacting with the souls we agreed – in the light – to work with and bring about healing – theirs, and our own. For John, the Charles Dicken’s life was important for his soul spirit to review so that usually with release of the memory, the emotions are healed. However it was so deep seated within him there was a need for him to release the trauma he had suffered in his childhood in this life.

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The Ghost of Charles Dickens – Part 1

Bust of Charles DickensI have been speaking about past lives John and I have experienced on the earth plane together as ‘Soul Mates,’ and I would like to speak about more past lives awakened together in our travels to sacred places. Before that though, it seems upstairs wanted to assist John with health problems and behavioural problems that existed between us. We are total opposites in personality and yet that has become an opportunity to find balance with each other and in so doing; we have been teaching each other. And so we dive into a two part tale of a great teller of tales (a stage actor, really), John’s past-life as Charles Dickens.

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Address to Society of Women Writers, NSW


Valérie Barrow gave an address to the Society of Women Writers (NSW) in the Dixson Rooms of the State Library of NSW, on Wednesday, 9 July. The address centered on the journey that led to Valérie to becoming a writer, and more directly, to the writing of “Two Soulmates, Walking Through Time and History”

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