Alcheringa Crystal – pictures from the Blessing

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

beginning of vesica piscis

The beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is visible.

beginning of vesica piscis

Another view of the beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is clear.

vesica piscis and corona

The corona of the concentric circles forming the Vesica Piscis are visible. The Vesica Piscis is below, indicating the presence of more than two circles in the sky.

vesica piscis and corona

The Vesica Piscis is beginning to be visible. Note the outlines of five circles in the sky, all forming part of the Vesica Piscis

Halo Effect in the sky beginning to form

The Halo Effect is beginning to form. Note the orb of light behind the tree.

Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky

The Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky.

Zig Zag in the sky

The Zig-Zag lines begin.

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form.

Participants watching the Halo Effect

Participants watching the Halo Effect.

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles.

Vesica Piscis is clearly seen

The Vesica Piscis is clearly seen.

zig zag line shooting out of concentric circle

The zig zag line shooting out from a concentric circle.

View of corona of concentric circle

View of corona of a concentric circle.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona and other lines from concentric circles.

Halo Effect showing Corona  concentric circle

Halo Effect showing Corona and lines from concentric circles.

Chalice formed in sky from clouds

Chalice formed in sky from clouds.

Valérie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies

Valérie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies.

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Blessing of the Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal – dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

The Alcheringa Crystal is a Healing Crystal and at the same time it functions as a multi-faceted Communication Crystal. It is called the Alcheringa Crystal for the Light Being by name of Alcheringa holds its energy.

As you might have read on other pages in this website, I was working with the sacred Alcheringa Stone, wrapped in paperbark, that belonged to the Australian Indigenous people. It linked me with knowledge that is outlined in my first book, titled The Book of Love, by a Medium.

Tony Schaeffer’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

Tony Schaefer has written his view of the Blessing Ceremony at Canyonleigh:

“On Easter Sunday, 15th April 2001, a dedication ceremony was held that heralded the commencement of a Healing Centre at Canyonleigh.

At the end of the ceremony, a most remarkable sequence of rainbows (no sign of rain clouds) appeared in the western sky at around 4.00pm. There was a series of five circular rainbows two of which were inverted. The top two connected in a tangent, another two crossed over to form the Vesica Piscis or the symbol of Christ, seen as a fish.

This phenomenon is known as ‘The Halo Effect’ and is extremely rare.

The Halo Effect

This was indeed appropriate, for one part of the Dedication Ceremony was to implant a large quartz crystal in the ‘Heart Centre’ or ‘Christos’ of the complex.

This also coincided with the fact that a medium told us before the event that on the day we would have a sign from Christ in the sky.

Vesica Piscis

There was also a bright light, almost as bright as the sun, on the arc of one of the rainbows and some unusual cloud formation. One cloud had the form of an angel and another, a distinct pyramid shape, with capstone included.

If this wasn’t enough, an eagle circled the property for almost an hour, its presence said to be denoting sacred land.

The Dedication Ceremony was held in front of nearly 100 guests and was celebrated by traditional aboriginal protection rites from Indigenous Australian Mathew Doyle, (incl. didgeridoo), prayers from Catholic Nuns, chanting and blessings by a Buddhist Monk, and the presence of The Peace Angels.

This property was known as Alcheringa located in the Southern Highlands of NSW near Berrima, just 1½ hours drive from Sydney, 1 hour from Wollongong and Nowra and 1½ hours from Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Valérie told me that she and John, her husband, had a vision of the property being a Healing Centre when they first came 12 years earlier. She believed that when the road to the creek at the bottom of the valley was cut, a ‘spring’ had been released and that the water held healing properties.

Valérie also told me that the Golden Mean, which flowed from an energy vortex of light in the land had been dedicated, by herself, to the unseen Ancient Aboriginal Spirit of the land 8 years earlier. This is where the 80 kg quartz crystal now resides, once again being dedicated to the Ancient Aboriginal spirit, and spreading the energy of light through the land. It is appropriate that an Australian Aboriginal Healer brought the crystal to the land.”

Judy McConchie’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

A friend Judy McConchie has written her view of the Blessing Ceremony:

“Following the beautiful dedication ceremony that included an address by Valérie Barrow and Tony Schaefer, the ceremony of bringing in the crystal to be laid onto the point of Light coming from within the earth began.

An Aboriginal welcomed us to this area of his ancestors, with the blessings of chant, dance and didgeridoo music. An address and blessings from a Buddhist monk and also Catholic nuns and the presence of Peace Angels, completed the ceremony.

Approximately 100 men, women and children joined in happy fellowship and the sharing of food. By late afternoon a large number had departed. At the conclusion of the stirring of the sacred water in a bio-dynamic ceremony, that was sprinkled around the land to assist growing and abundance, there appeared the most ‘heavenly and Divine’ symbols in the sky.

The first signs were of small rainbows of intense colour forming arcing patterns of sacred geometry. In the north-west an Orb of intense illumination, with an accompanying flare of colours of the rainbow, became the riveting symbol. Radiant rays of light would appear from it at intervals. A perfect ‘sign of the Fish’ the Christ symbol, appeared in pearlescent light near the illuminated Orb.

Sign of Fish and illuminated Orb in sky

A chalice formed and a floating form of wispy cloud brings in thoughts of an angelic being appeared beside it.

Captivated, we looked higher – there in perfect unison, two forms of identical fine lines of cloud started to form another chalice, this time lying on its side. The fine lines of cloud joined up in the centre as we watched forming the rim. A perfect cup shape appeared as fine lines trailed back from the rim. Then a shaft of light formed the stem of the Chalice, perfectly at the base of the cup.

The Chalice in the sky

The sign of the fish became even more pronounced as it drifted into the western quadrant of sky. Looking back to the glorious Orb, a pyramid started to form next to it, intensifying and becoming perfect, the apex becoming more radiant with each passing moment.

Behind us in the eastern sky, were layers of cloud in zig-zag arrows, reminiscent of the Tree of Life. A sense of deep awe, wonderment and gratitude for all that we were witnessing was experienced by us all.

As the sun sank lower, it lit the huge crystal that had been put in position earlier. There appeared a small point of light that seemed to emanate from its centre. It was awe inspiring. When next I looked up, the sky was filled with layers of arcing brilliant white light in the western sky.. It was truly a Blessing from the sky with Christed energies, most appropriate for the Alcheringa Crystal and the Ascension Easter Sunday.

In meditation later, Judie received this channelled message from the World of Light:

“In as much as you brought your soul being unto this place, following being invited by the Heavenly Realms through our Servant to the Light, the loving light energy – Valérie Barrow, as she is named on this your plane, you have been blessed by being in the energies of this most auspicious moment in Time.

This truly is holy ground, holy space, and an intergalactic opening of the thinning of the veils that allows the Communities of Light to walk amongst you. The momentous display in the heavens was an orchestration of ‘signs’ for all those with hearts to ‘See’, to be brought into resonance harmony with the glory of the Creator from the heavenly realms.

Through colour in rainbow and crystalline energies above, did the display dispel all the limited thought-forms in the beings present assembled. All will be of such strength in the Joy experienced from witnessing the symbols created. Whatever their soul’s journey from this day forward, will they be blessed by the high resonance frequencies integrated into their field of higher consciousness, that will journey with them for all time – even unto beyond their physical form on this place in this lifetime. For they have experienced a fusion between Time and Space, even though for some this will become apparent in their consciousness at a later timing.

They will become likened unto the Spark of Light that was seen in the Heart of the Crystal – and so the momentous outcomes from this high focus event will unfold for you as the passage of Time as you know it, transpires.”

Alcheringa (the property)
Alcheringa, the sacred stone wrapped in paperbark
Alcheringa (the Crystal), and
Alcheringa, the Spirit Being (at Uluru)

Around the same time I had two mediums visit our house at Canyonleigh to work with the Council of Light from the World of Light. Our focus was, and is always upon World Peace, but this day was the first time I was introduced to The Light Being known as Alcheringa.

He spoke alternatively through my friends, sometimes through Rosemary and then sometimes through Brian. He made us laugh – but it was his way of introducing himself to me. He told us He was the Golden One, and that he had been working with the indigenous Ancient Elders since the beginning of Creation and that he resided at Uluru.

He also told us that Canyonleigh was directly connected to Uluru and he meant not only from the underground meridians, but also from the raised frequency of Light that existed both at Canyonleigh and at Uluru. When I visited Uluru not long after, he spirited my car keys from me to introduce me to a higher understanding about myself and Uluru. (You can read this story here)

It is interesting that the indigenous people used to travel to Canyonleigh from the Coast. They called it a place of healing waters and a meeting place to communicate with other native countries. This was before the white man came.

I digress here, for while the three of us were sitting in mediation and receiving our introduction to the spirit of Alcheringa – a huge fat candle that I had lit in the middle of the glass table – caught fire.

Flames were leaping into the air along with smoke, but we didn’t panic because it was not out of control and in fact the fire quickly died down to allow the candle wax to melt and flow out onto the glass table top – forming an image that looked a little like Uluru itself.

The burnt candle

View of Ayers Rock from the air showing striations across the top of the rock

This was demonstrating to us that Uluru was an asteroid and that at another time it had come as a fiery mass, into our earth’s atmosphere – broken into 6 pieces and the bulk of it landing where it stands now, in the Red Centre of Australia or what we call The Heart of Australia bringing major change to Earth’s evolvement.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

Evolution has taken place and now the Alcheringa Crystal has been re-ignited by a shaft of Light. The Alcheringa Crystal still stands in the valley at Canyonleigh ready to bring change to anyone who sits with their hands on the glass pyramid covering the 80 kg crystal, and also to act as a communication crystal allowing an intergalactic opening with the Heavenly Realms. This initiates a focusing of the Spark of Light within the heart and soul of the person, and is what was seen in the Heart of the Crystal on the day of the Blessing from the sky.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

You can find the property which has the Alcheringa Crystal by visiting the Links page on this website, and then clicking the link to Satori Springs.

You can view some more pictures from this day here

St Germain on the Fall of Atlantis

St Germain – from the Universal Council of Light

St Germain’s graphic description of “The Fall of Atlantis” Channelled by AZENA.

Extract from the Book of Love by a Medium with permission of Triad Publishing Pty Ltd, PO Box 1045 Cairns, Queensland, Australia, publishers of EARTH BIRTH CHANGES.

“There was a celestial body – an asteroid, and it came into an orbital alignment which was in the evening of time, at dusk when the heavenly bodies that you call Earth, Moon and Venus were aligned. This asteroid was deflected into the orbital pattern of this Earth. It was indeed enhanced through the gravitational fields of Venus and the Moon, towards the deflection in the Earth’s orbital pattern.

Now, these scientists upon Atlantis, the technologists, they were aware of this uncommon phenomenon, and they were desirous of establishing their crystalline technology on this asteroid and therefore intended to capture it with, what you term, tractor beams allowing it to be brought forth into alignment to hold still, as it were, and be captured into an orbit of the Earth, likened unto another moon. That was the desire of the Atlantean scientists. They felt their laser power was powerful enough to capture this asteroid body to encircle the Earth and place their instruments of war upon it so that the entire Earth planet would be at their submission, would indeed be their kingdom. This was their hearts’ desire in that moment. It was a grand one.

There were many who were aware of what their desires were, shrouded as they were. And they counseled them and laboured to bring forth wisdom and love of their brothers , to exits without interference, without dominion. But yeh, these entities voiced powerlust and their desire to rule the empire of the world, and indeed, it was at the threshold of their fingertips, so they felt.

So they set up their grand instrumentation which was experimental. It was not shall we say, a laboratory in nature. Therefore, there was not trial. They felt, therefore, that this was to be a great maiden journey for their new laser technology. The dolphin in that period of time was embodied in a different fashion, but it was the same sort of consciousness. They came forth and counseled and pleaded with the entities to give forbearance unto this asteroid and allow it to continue its journey in the celestial heavens. They said nay to this and went forth with much confidence and strength of conviction that they were now the new rulers and masters of the Earth plane.

Your brothers, the Pleiadeans of the mountain of Atlas – the Atlantis of your new era to be born yet again – they held counsel among themselves. They understood what was to occur. They also understood beyond the understanding of these scientists that there was to be a deflection of the laser ray, that, when encountering the asteroid, it would be deflected and collide with Atlantis itself, in addition to the asteroid. They counseled whether or not to alert the Atlanteans about this oncoming disaster.

However, they decided to allow the scientists to understand the wisdom about interference and they went forth and brought many of the records of wisdom in the temples of Egypt. The wisdom of the ages encoded in hieroglyphic form, a terminology not understood of your day, not understood of the language of that time, in that era, because they desire not the same occurrence until the wisdom was captured. This counsel was allowed and aligned and so they extended this understanding unto the entity called Noah, to go forth and craft himself a grand ship, a grand ark, as it were, and to go forth in the shining light of his own essence and be patriarch of the new land, to bring the genealogy of the Atlanteans and the Lemurians into the new continents to be dispersed.

This was done and the casting forth of the laser rays, it also was done. It deflected the light of the laser ray and indeed, the asteroid was damaged, it captured the blast, and it brought forth its essence into the atmosphere of the Earth plane in a grand fashion.

The asteroid was about six miles in diameter and it was traveling at a rate of about eight miles per second (8 miles + 28,800 miles/h or 46,080 km/h). When it encountered the atmosphere, it lit into a grand blaze. The blaze was blinding. The energy coefficient of it was 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun’s surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That will give you an idea of how blazing the light came to be upon the plane.

It was a flash that existed for about two minutes of your time, and its explosion into two pieces lasted about the same time. It came down over the Atlantic Ocean and embedded itself in the ocean floor near the Puerto Rico plateau. There are two grand holes there now – about 23,000 feet in depth. This is the impact.

The continent of Atlantis was quite in shock. There was much disarray. They frenzied, panicked, and there was some fleeing. Indeed there was some flight by ship. The impact brought forth the rubble of the smaller structures travelling behind the asteroid.

Because the impact was loaded with so much heat, so much tremendous potential power, everything it touched immediately vaporised and therefore there was an enormous vapour of gas emission in that area beneath the surface of the Earth. Tremendous sub-terrestrial power was released through the Earth plane.

The Earth’s crust was brittle and fractured and all this power created rumblings beneath the surface of the Earth throughout the globe and there were risings and lowerings of the Earth’s crust in this fashion all over the Earth. That is why there were many Atlantis’s the submersion of many continents in some fashion or other – in this timing, until the platform of the islands and the continenets gave way, and indeed brought for the a grand volcano, which spewed forth fire into the air.

The impact caused a tidal wave of grand fashion – 2,000 feet (610) in height were the waves. But before they could reach the coastal areas, there was the emission of the volcanoes in that area. There was a torrent of magma spewing forth into the heavens. A tower of light, a pillar of fire, going forth beyond the Troposphere into the Ionosphere. It was of such impact that about 480,000 cubic miles (480,000 miles = 1,966,080 km) of magma were emitted from the volcano of this area called Atlantis. As it spewed forth there was the crashing of the waves and the hissing of the steam quenching the fire and this occurred all over the Earth plane, but in particular in Atlantis.

The magma that spewed into the atmosphere was carried by storms and torrential tornadoes as the enshrouded themselves in mushroom clouds of steam and ash and dust emitted from the volcanoes. What was of volcanic action was set off in a chain reaction. Every volcano on Earth became active to release the pressure from the gases beneath your subterranean understanding.

As this came forth into the air, it was swept into massive clouds that became black as night with amber glow because of the ash and the dust. Massive indeed – and they accumulated their size in tremendous speed. They became the size of continents and hovered low across the continent. It was overcast. It was dark as night. Your land, the Earth plane, your beloved Terra, was shrouded in fog for 5,000 years after this. There was no Sun to bring warmth into the land.

The tidal waves crashed into all areas of the Earth plane and funneled into the glens and valleys and flooded the forests; and then came the cold.

The asphyxiating gases traveled across the Bering Strait and were followed by arctic cold. This continued for 5,000 of your years, until the warming occurred due to the dispersion of the mists, the shroud of gasses, dust and ash. The ash of Atlantis was funneled through these clouds to all areas of the Earth, so if you in this day of your time, pick up a clod of clay, it could have been touched by the dust of Atlantis.

The platform of the island of Atlantis sunk 10,000 feet (3 km), not only the land itself, but the bottom of the Earth floor that supported the island sunk 10,000 feet. It was a gradual disappearance. This occurrence lasted about one and a half of your days and this translates into about one inch per second of your time.

Now, through the impact of this asteroid body, the Earth’s axis experienced a rotational polar shift of about two degrees, and this is still so in our understanding of this day. So the temperate primordial forests were brought forth in the south, and the pole of north came northward. The cold was of the northern hemisphere.

The pulse and blast they were two different ones. The first one caused the jarring and rending of the continents from one another. Until this time they were all connected, they were all unified, harmoniously joined within their essence. The impact brought about their severance. They were ripped and torn from one another and they went eastward and westward, separate. That is where the separate Eastern and Western philosophies came from. That also began the polarities in this fashion of Alter Ego and Divine Ego, in the manner they are represented upon this plane in your now.

Now, the separation of continents, the continental drift, as it is called, originated from the Atlantean destruction. The second blast went in the opposite direction. It was an echo of sorts and indeed the shock of this created many fragmented islands around the nations because the Earth was brittle in the crust and therefore created a fragmented appearance. The second blast caused the widening of the Atlantic Ocean, for it was much narrower in the day of your time. The wailing and mourning on the Earth plane could be heard many, many dimensions from this one. It was the mourning of humanity for a lost civilization of God.

Then there were the storms, the rains, the heavens breaking open their hearts and allowing their tears to run from the breast of the Earth, and allowing Mother/Father principle to mourn for Mother Earth. And indeed she did. The tidal waves and the torrential rains in their union, they brought forth much flooding and destruction and damage upon the plane. The sea level, around the Earth plane rose approximately an average of about 300 feet (approx 100 m) world-wide.

Also the glaciers shifted and broke apart. This was caused in part by the polar shift. However, they did not melt right away in your time, not immediately. It was about 5,000 of your years before they dissipated, when the breaking of the dawn came, and the warming of the temperature. The Ice Age was really the Atlantean age. The present era is the birth of a new land of golden warmth in the understanding of God Divine Essence within the Ice Age of your now.

The ice is not apparent upon the plane now. The ice is within your hearts, and it can be melted and merged with very much like the snow and the fire melt into one another. The fire within your breast can merge with and melt the ice of another’s heart, and that is how you become unified. That is how the manipulators become one with God Divine Essence. Their ice is melting.

Now, many of you remember, but you do not remember. This event of cataclysmic proportions has been engraved upon the hearts and memories and souls of all humanity. But they have forgotten. It haunts them. They have dreams about it. There are relics and echoes and shadows within their experience whispering about it. But they do not understand these whisperings of wisdom. This is brought forth before you this day in your time for you to understand, for you to embrace it, for you to capture what it is that you have experienced, and indeed, enlighten, inflame the world with your new-found knowingness, with your new understanding of what be you and what be your Earth plane, and what be this new Atlantis.

Indeed, to bring the fire of the mountain of Atlantis, (Mt. Atlas) and the golden glow of it, to bring it forth for all to see and understand for your own divine example. Burnish yourself with this wisdom and you shall be indeed the refined gold of God.”

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Goolagaia speaks

Goolagaia Speaks
Meeting 3rd December, 2002

Alcheringa came as usual, spoke for awhile and then made me sit like stone and invited people to communicate with him telepathically and he would answer their questions.

He also asked me telepathically if I would allow Goolagaia, the Black Giantess, to use my body and speak with everyone. I had previously met her in my innerscene at Uluru. I willingly said “yes”.

Goolagaia Speaks

You may listen to this transmission from Goolagaia and read the text below (helps to understand the transmission more clearly:


Her presence came in and was awesome. So loud. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! And then a great indrawing of breath. “I am here” Ah! Ah! (Made everyone laugh. “Yes, …..and with great joy, for this is a propitious (she had difficulty pronouncing prosperitious) time. Her arms were fully extended out and forward from the body. “The eighth sister has returned and I have been hoooolding the energy for all these years, so that she could come—-so that she could return. This is a reminder of the Earthling body, the body that you walk in , huh, huh, huh. (almost like fi, fie,fo fum) I do not walk in it, I am too big. (still talking very loudly) But I hold the energy – this was my purpose, this was my reason and I have beeen very happy to do this. To be this for the enlightened ones for they came, they came to this planet to assist the little earthling – as they were at that time, and still confused to some degree, as they are now.”

“This book, that we all know about, everybody knows about this bookkkk, the booku, the story that it holds will enlighten whether people realise it or not huh.. I am the energy that holds the story on this planet. It has been one of love and compassion and knowledge and respect. It has been my pleasure to beeee this and to assist. Huh, huh.

I have others with me and they enjoy the work. I am far too large to enter into Valérie’s body, but I surround her (She was looking around at everyone and lent forward with a cheeky laugh and said) “I surrooooound all of youuuuu.” ….. So do not be afraid I said I come with looove and compassion my dear ones. (she said this gently) We know much and we serve, like all of you. I will away noooooooow………hmmmmmmm, oooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ……….and then she was gone. (Just as she left she showed herself to me, in my innervision, looking like a beautiful black angel.

A visitor sitting in our circle named Bob said that Goolagaia also protected children if they wandered too near swamps or water if their lives were in danger. She would show herself in a fierce way to frighten them so they would run back to their tribe. She had enormous love.

She was huge. She was beautiful. She played with me like a puppet. She had such a wonderful sense of humour. She is very strong, protective, caring and all powerful.

Bob our visitor had lived in the outback at Uluru and heard of her from the indigenous people a long time ago. He said, he had seen a painting of her by a tribal artist and it showed her extending her arms out and over everyone, just like she had done today.

Alcheringa Speaks

The day after our meeting I was prompted to call on Alcheringa to make his presence – 4th December, 2002

“I am here My Dear, and I am very pleased to be here. Thank you for calling on me.

Thank you Alcheringa for coming. Yesterday was a lovely day. You came yesterday and you introduced us to Goolagaia. She made her presence which was quite wonderful.

She said it was prosperitious. So can I ask what that was all about?

Indeed My Dear, indeed. It was a time that you and she were to meld. For she is the 8th White Sister in earth form. And you My Dear represent 8th White Sister, the Starperson.

So with the two of you coming together, this is the moment that will move forward with everything that you have come to do.

Well this is something I have been saying, that John and I do not want to move. But John, my husband is finding it particularly difficult to hold on to the property and keep paying a mortgage when if we were to sell we could recoup and live without debt with enough income coming in to cover our monthly expenses. We want to support the project of a centre In the valley.

Now he has been advised he has Angina as well as diabetes and that, of course, is something he has to deal with. But he has been advised to take the pressure out of his life which makes it more sensible to sell the property and recoup our finances.

We do not want to do this, but it is as if we have no choice unless you can advise us.

We have said before My Dear that the money will come as a lottery. I know you believe that the lottery may be in a different form because we do have a way of saying things and meaning a different thing, I can understand that … … …

Well that would be most helpful Alcheringa. It would certainly take the pressure of us and we would be able to get on with creating the Centre that we believe you would like to see in the valley. It would be nice to stay here, it really would.

Indeed As I have already just said, the fact the you and Goolagaia have come together – you are no longer Valérie. You My Dear …. are an enlightened one. You are known as the Angelic Val to us and you can accept this if you like or you can continue calling yourself Valérie – whatever you like. But I can assure you that the strength of the name Val will actually assist with the progress of the whole situation that you have entered into.

Why is it I don’t particularly like the name Val

I have no idea My Dear. (He laughed) It is perhaps it is a pre-disposition to, or something. Try to accept this – its has great honour and great energy with it and this is the point I am making.

O.K. Alright then; from now on, I am Val. (She claps her hands) O.K. Decision taken. Val, Val Val – John calls me Valli.

Indeed, indeed he does, this is closer to the energy than Valérie. Valérie, My Dear, is coming from an energy that is actually linking you with all the past lives that you have had and we are trying to get you past this.

Oh, I see. O.K., Alright then; Val it is.

(I was suddenly taken over by a gentle energy)

“I am the enlightened one. My name is Val. It is neither male nor female. It is an energy that pulls neither one way or the other. It is the energy that will help with the manifestation here on earth through you My Dear. You accept this that your name is Val you accept the energy, and all that you want, all that you have worked for, and all around you have worked for, will manifest. Be that. Be one, be Val.

Valour of gold. Val d’or.

I was very moved by her presence.

You may call yourself V if you do not like Val. Al is the energy of God and the energy of Val is V God of Gold.

She spoke so softly I can’t hear it. I wept.

Do not be upset she said. You have not failed. Release, release, release.

After Goolagaia had come through the day before, my name tag fell off my dress … … Just as the audio tape ran out.


My husband I went on to sell our property to like minded new owners who have built a beautiful retreat called Satori Springs. For us, it means that what we began at Canyonleigh … continues … it is as though we have won the lottery.

Alcheringa speaks about the Ankh

Alcheringa Speaks about the ANKH

THE ANKH : the ancient symbol for Divine LIGHT & LIFE.

The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that stood for the word ‘nh, meaning life. Egyptian sculptures and drawings often portray Gods and Pharoahs carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross, or as crux ansata, Latin for “cross with a handle”. Commonly, the Ankh is represented like so:

Common Ankh representation

Traditional symbol called Ankh.

The information about THE ANKH existed before the Fall of Atlantis and the knowledge was upheld by the Ancient Egyptians. Alcheringa has recently advised me about the origin and use of the Ankh, although I frustratingly could not hear the audio tape clearly, I have transcribed as much as I could.

Blue Light Ankh

The Ankh symbol came from the Blue People – The Hathors on Earth pre-Atlantis time.

The Blue People

The Blue People were known as the Hathors, by the Egyptians. They were an advanced race of Light Beings who occupied this Earth, for 200,000 or 300,000 years, at a time before the Fall of Atlantis – it explains many ancient and advanced highly technical artifacts that have been found. They were very tall beings, with larger heads, compared to the earth beings. The Hathors would have influenced the Earth peoples all over the earth before the Fall. After the catastrophic Fall of the earth, when the planet nearly died, some of their off-spring survived and continued the advanced knowledge from the Hathors as the Pharoahs in Ancient Egyptian times.

Hathor relief from Egypt

The Hathors had come from Venus, later referred to as the Morning Star, or the Blue Star … They came with guidance and an edict from the Angelic Realms and Hierarchy of the Cosmic World to help lift the energy and the consciousness of all things upon this Earth and this corner of the galaxy. Until they came this corner of the Galaxy was lost in shadow. They were extremely advanced in technology, esoteric knowledge and unlimited psychic abilities.

The Ankh and the Cosmic Egg

The Ankh: Looking at the circle (more like an oval) on top – symbolizes the Cosmic Egg and the energy going down and out from that looking like the base of an equal sided cross – demonstrates the energy coming from the Cosmic Egg filling the leftside of the body, the right side of the body and the full length of the body.

Isis holding the Ankh at  Nefertari's head

Isis holding the Ankh at Nefertari’s head – demonstrating how the intent was in bringing the Divine Energy directly from the Cosmic Egg Source of all Creation and flowing into the body.

Sensusret 1 with arms crossed holding the Ankh in each hand

The Coffin of Ahmose – Nefertari (18th Dynasty) holding on to life;
Nefratari has arms crossed holding the Ankh in each hand demonstrating the Soul’s journey as both female and male of the self returning to their Source within the personal Cosmic Egg to the World of Light

Alcheringa speaks on The Ankh and the Cosmic Egg

The Universal Cosmic Egg and the energy from it, is the power of All Creation; it travels to the left and to the right, from above and to below. It is like a triangle coming down from the Universal Cosmic Egg to touch everybody who is on this earth to the Christ Grid, as it is known. **

And this, My Dear, was taught and used by the Priest and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt in the third dimension. At a time before that, known as Atlantis, the Blue People were readily visited by Light Beings from other Worlds to help lift the energy upon your planet earth.

That is exactly what you and all other Light Workers are doing upon this earth now – It is very simple, My Dear, The Ankh, as a cross has been adopted by the first Coptic Christians and varied slightly in symbolism to represent a sacred cross since then.

Original Coptic Cross

Old Coptic crosses often incorporate a circle; sometimes large, sometimes small. The circle was inherited from the Ankh Cross.

Understand that this Cross (This Ankh) represents every soul in everybody. The Cosmic Egg is in everybodys’ head and links with the Source of All Creation.

It is important that everyone understands this Cosmic Egg sends out energy in all directions within them for it links with the Power of Creation and everyone has this opportunity to use this power coming into them, with discernment. You put your life in front of you and how you create it. With the cosmic influence, it is your Soul, and your Soul journey which eventually will return to the Source, And the way of the Source.

**Note. At the same time the meaning of the symbol of The Ankh has been given, there was a release of a marvellous photo of what scientists believe is THE BIG BANG. Looking like a Universal Cosmic Egg; The beginning of all Creation. It is the same way the Cosmic Light Beings see the beginning of the Source of All Creation. There are many other meanings to the Ankh.

New Telescope Discovery:The Big Bang
from the European Space Agency website:

ESA’s Planck mission has delivered its first all-sky image. It not only provides new insight into the way stars and galaxies form but also tells us how the Universe itself came to life after the Big Bang.

“This is the moment that Planck was conceived for,” says ESA Director of Science and Robotic Exploration, David Southwood. “We’re not giving the answer. We are opening the door to an El-dorado where scientists can seek the nuggets that will lead to deeper understanding of how our Universe came to be and how it works now. The image itself and its remarkable quality is a tribute to the engineers who built and have operated Planck. Now the scientific harvest must begin.”

From the closest portions of the Milky Way to the furthest reaches of space and time, the new all-sky Planck image is an extraordinary treasure chest of new data for astronomers.

Planck Telescope image of the Big Bang

The Big Bang as seen by the European Space Agency’s Planck Telescope. To view a larger version of this image, click here

The main disc of our Galaxy runs across the centre of the image. Immediately striking are the streamers of cold dust reaching above and below the Milky Way. This galactic web is where new stars are being formed, and Planck has found many locations where individual stars are edging toward birth or just beginning their cycle of development.

Less spectacular but perhaps more intriguing is the mottled backdrop at the top and bottom. This is the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). It is the oldest light in the Universe, the remains of the fireball out of which our Universe sprang into existence 13.7 billion years ago.

While the Milky Way shows us what the local Universe looks like now, those microwaves show us what the Universe looked like close to its time of creation, before there were stars or galaxies. Here we come to the heart of Planck’s mission to decode what happened in that primordial Universe from the pattern of the mottled backdrop. (Source: ESA Website)

Alcheringa speaks on Dust Storms

Alcheringa speaks about the recent Dust Storm in New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

30.9.2009 – Alcheringa explaining Red Dust Storm

We had a very rare and eerie dusty Storm that we felt that there was more to it happening – a metaphysical reason?

Can you please enlighten us?

Alcheringa speaking: It was a clearing My Dear,

It was a clearing of radio-activity in the Centre of Australia which has spread and thinned out … it has fallen into water and so

weather-map of dust storm

It will not do any harm to anybody at all.

It was time for clearing My Dear, this country as you call Australia is meant for many things, Many important things and it needs to be clear of energies that work against of what it is about,

Sydney Opera House obscured by dust

It is a centre of all creation in the time after the Reptillians were destroyed and I mean the Dinosaurs.

After that My Dear, the red earth appeared in the Centre to take the place of what was already here. However, it was symbolic for change.

Looking under Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Dust Storm

The earth’s people of that time – knew that – they were given understanding about that. They evolved from the upstanding ape-like creature, a weapon wielding creature to the human as you know now, after the star people visited and the story that has been given to you – you understand this.

The Red Beach with a lone swimmer in the dust storm

However the star people had come before that – I myself had come before that and taught some rituals to the up-standing ape like creature. That is why it is within their psyche to connect to the red earth because they saw it and knew it to be CHANGE.

Sydney Harbour Bridge obscured by dust

Change upon the earth and change upon everything upon the earth – including themselves. They knew it had come from God. They knew that although it was a terrifying event they knew it would lead to better things.

So does this help you My Dear?

Note: Many parts of the Maralinga and Woomera Test Facility were used for testing of thermonuclear devices, from 1945. Atom Bomb testing was done at Maralinga, in the middle of the desert of South Australia back in the mid – 1950’s, leaving the area radio-active.

Part Two – Alcheringa at Kariong, (New South Wales, Australia)

Part Two – Alcheringa at Kariong, (New South Wales, Australia)

Moving on from the cavern with the symbols carved into the walls, Gerry our Aborigine friend wanted us to climb further up the hill, which gave a magnificent view through the gum trees out to the sparkling blue bay. He led us to a place where he told us he liked to perform healings with his crystals. Crystals he said had been used for healing by his Bundjalung tribe since creation.

On a large flat rock, we were shown to one side a naturally formed cradle in the rock where he said the women in bygone years had used it as a bed to have their babies. There were small water pools nearby and soft earth. He asked us to lie in the cradle to see what we would experience. Helen lay first and drifted into an altered state of consciousness. We noticed that no insects came near her even though it was a warm day. She later felt strange and not thinking too clearly she claimed she had felt the ecstasy of birth, but also felt abandoned, yet she knew she was not alone. This was odd. Gerry had asked her, “What about the baby?” He didn’t know why he said that either.

Helen wanted me to lay in the cradle. I found I drifted into an altered state also, feeling very calm but after awhile I returned saying, “It had been a great honour to give birth” So what was that all about ? The feeling was mystical and we knew we were not alone.

That moment left us and we merrily moved on to another flat rock that had a huge whale carved upon it, where Gerry suggested we have our picnic and just talk quietly. He had already pointed out areas that used to be men’s business places and then to women’s business places. We are all psychic and could feel pleasant spirit ancestors hanging around.

The grou sitting on the rock

As the late afternoon closed in it was time for us to leave. I hastened to the boot of my car to give one of our friends something and promptly locked the car keys in the boot. Oh, darn !! we were a long way from help. Hadn’t Alcheringa said he would give us the keys, but now… . he had taken them away!!!

Helen and Gerry stayed with my car, while I gained a lift with the others to the local town. I had great difficulty in telephoning for help – I couldn’t make myself understood; the numbers were not correct and I was becoming more frustrated by the minute. Finally help did come and I arrived back to Gerry, Helen and car, to release the keys.

Evening was beginning to close in. Gerry asked Helen and I to come to the edge of the rock cliff and asked me to hold out my hands towards the water where little boat lights were twinkling … saying, “I think that is where the starship went into the water.”

The three of us were standing closely …. when all together we experienced the same past life memory. Something terrible had happened and we were wailing and crying. I was shaking badly and said, “We are star people, we have lost our huge mothership the Rexegena”. ….and wept and wailed along with Helen and Gerry, we couldn’t believe it had happened. In our sense of hopelessness we knew that an escape ship had been damaged and gone into the water in the bay. Helen and Gerry knew they had been in it. I was in another ship that had followed it, hoping to give help. That memory had been reflected in me in sheer frustration, when I had tried to get help by opening the boot of my car to retrieve the keys earlier.

More unfolded as the week passed. Helen and I kept ringing each other with more memories and Gerry had left to go overseas to the U.S.A. Others heard about our adventure and rang me often saying they felt connected to the same story. Most of the people didn’t know each other and yet all they had to do was sit with the photos of the symbols from the rock walls and they would spontaneously regress into the same Past Life story, but their memory would be from a different point of view.

Alcheringa was right, it was as if an unseen hand was at work, bringing the story forward through many people. It was a time when genetic engineering had been performed by the star people to create the up-standing ape like creature into evolving into the human we have become. I believe the first children were the Aborigine who the star people called, “The cherished ones.” They have inherited the star people’s psychic abilities and have always known that God is in everything.

My 2nd book “Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created.” relates the stories from those off the Mothership Rexegena, that were told to me and who attacked it.

I want to rename the 2nd book to “Star People Revisited” and am looking for it to be republished.

You may view some of of the symbols carved into the walls of the cavern, there are about 250 of them. (View the images here, in this Photo Album) Maybe you, the viewer may connect to the energy of them and begin to remember …. Upstairs has told us that everyone in this Galaxy knows the story … not all were involved with the story but it is in everyone’s heart.


A MOTHERSHIP REUNION was held at Canyonleigh in 2001.

The Mothership Rexegena came from the Pleiades 900,000 years ago, with 50,000 star people on board. The Mothership was destroyed and only 90 star people survived – they struggled to survive the difficult atmosphere which was too hot for them and infested with bacteria that attacked them. Despite this they formed a small community.

The photo below shows some of the people who remember being off the mothership. At the reunion, many of them had not met each other before.

Group of persons assembled who recall being on the Mothership Rexegena

The photo below is of Helen, Val and Gerry who first experienced the Star People’s memory together….which became the beginning of the story. The names given to us in the memory was Elouera, Egarinna and Ujeshet.

Helen, Val, Gerry, who recalled the Star People's memories

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Alcheringa speaks at Kariong

Alcheringa at Kariong, (New South Wales, Australia)

cavern-entrance at Kariong
Entrance to the Cavern at Kariong

Very shortly after writing The Book of Love by a Medium I met an Aboriginal man named Gerry. It was the first time I had actually met socially, an indigenous man even though I have lived all of my life in Australia. He was wary of me at first, because he knew I had the sacred Alcheringa Stone. He was stern in appearance and word, when he asked me about the stone, he said, “It is men’s business.”

I reassured him I had always respected it and had never un-wrapped the parcel of paperbark (peeled from a tree) and calico tied with string. I advised him that when I sat with it I found myself to be surrounded by a blue-white light that seem to lift my consciousness and I was able to read information that was held in the sacred stone. I also said that I had a Being of Light, named Alcheringa, speak through me. I was nervous telling Gerry about this for, in my ignorance, I wasn’t sure that indigenous people believed in all ‘that stuff.’

His demeanor immediately changed to a huge smile and interest and I was later to find out that the indigenous people live their lives with spirit and the knowledge of other worlds. It is their life, they see spirit and God in everything.

Gerry animatedly asked me more about the spirit being Alcheringa, saying he was well known to the indigenous people. He spoke about a cavern in the bush with petraglyphs carved into the stone walls, some looking Egyptian. It was just north of Sydney. “Do you think if I take you there; Alcheringa will speak to me?”

Grandmother Tree - site guardian
Grandmother Tree at Kariong

I readily agreed he would. For Alcheringa had already said to me, at another time, he would speak to the Aboriginal Elder – I thought at the time it was going to be when we took the painted symbols to Uluru. Not so …. it was going to be a different site, but interestingly still involving symbols which were this time cut into stone walls.

Gerry, myself and a friend named Helen, drove north towards Gosford. It was as though we had set off on an expedition with a few other friends following in cars behind us. Leaving our cars at our destination, and carrying our food and drink for a picnic later, Gerry led the way along a sandy road through the bush. He stopped and asked us to pick a leaf from a green eucalyptus tree, chew it, and that would assist us to bond with the area. We could feel the strong smell of the oil seep into us. Then he asked us to throw some small stones ahead into the trees and underwood, asking permission of the spirits of the land to permit us to enter. He happily ground some red ochre, under the guardian ‘Grandmother tree’ and ceremoniously rubbed a little on each of our foreheads. The indigenous people use the red ochre in ceremonies and believe it helps them to see and connect to spirits.

Val taking photos of the Petroglyphs on the walls of the Cavern at Kariong

Up the slight hill we climbed through the bush and faced a fern covered entrance, looking like a chute through which we crawled into a very uneven, stone covered floor only about one metre wide and about three metres long. Gerry had warned we would all feel cold in there…but the walls rose high either side of us with the sun’s warmth reaching into part of the cavern. We were overwhelmed with all of the drawings on the rock wall, there must have been about 250 of them. Some were covered in moss, but they looked like they had just been cut.

Looking out from the Cavern at Kariong

Climbing further above these walls, it was here we all settled to invite Alcheringa to come and speak to us.

When Alcheringa came and overlighted my body, a strong wind blew. I have since found whenever I connect to Alcheringa out in the bush, he comes with the wind, and speaks through my voice box. (See Transcipt below.)

It led, just like Alcheringa told us on that day, more would eventuate, and it did. My 2nd book Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created records the story of Star People Revisited.

ALCHERINGA SPEAKS at Kariong, NSW – Part 1.
10th October, 1995

Today is the 10th of the 10th1995 which when you look at the number it is 11 – which is a stargate, or a door opening. We are all very privileged to be present on this special day in this chasm and witnessing the many symbols that have been drawn on the rock walls.

I am going to call upon Alcheringa, with great love in my heart, who has made it known to us know that he wishes to speak … and to make his presence here amongst us – but for the moment I wish to say Alcheringa tells us that he resides at Uluru. So in my inner scene I see myself sitting on top of Uluru and I call his name … (and he came to me with the wind, and made his entrance with a loud hurumph sound through my voice box )

It is I Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here, Valérie has already said I have waited a long time for this meeting to take place. So greetings my friends, we have known each other many times before, many, many lifetimes. And we also connect in the world of the stars.

I have much I could tell you, but I feel this could perhaps cause confusion – I am enjoying being present in this moment of time. There has been much curiosity about the drawings that are upon this rock and the feeling has been, that they have been inspired from other worlds. And, indeed it has. In fact there were many beings that come from other worlds, in fact from other stars, other planets other galaxies.

Over a period of time, this earth has been visited by many. But there has also been an evolvement of living beings on this earth in the form of fish and animal and insects – it is a living planet – it has a life force that lives in everything that exists. But then you are aware of this. You know this.

There has been given to Valérie information about Uluru or Valdamere as it was known to us, the Star People. There are many other things, I am sure, that you would like to know. Uluru was brought to this planet by us – to help the evolvement to take place upon the earth. It brought an energy with it – that helped the creation to further develop upon this earth. At the time there was a development of the Reptilian races, in the form as you know it, were dinosaurs. It became out of control and so there were members of the Hierarchy who came from the Law of the Universe – and the decision was made for help to be brought to this planet. There has been changes down through aeons of time. But there was a time, that the humanity that had been developed onto this earth … took a few steps backwards.

It was a time that most of you would perhaps refer to as the Fall of Atlantis.

This was a time that unfortunately was not really meant to happen as far as the Law of the Universe were concerned. Many lost the knowledge that had been given up until that time – you had to regrow – you had to evolve … and the technology was gradually inspired onto this earth so that man could develop in a way that could use the technology within the Law of the Universe.. rather than against the Law of God.

I am wondering now, if anybody has any questions they would like to ask? As I have said, there is much that I could speak of, but … time will not allow at this time…much of the information will gradually unfold – it is already unfolding – We have a Greater Plan – this information will come together so that the larger picture will be recognized and understood by ALL that live on this planet … this earth.

There is a need for all upon this planet … to understand … to understand their Mother – the Mother…The Mother you call Earth … who looks after and nourishes all who live upon this earth … every living thing is nurtured by the Mother. There is a great need for all to love and nurture her … take her into their bosoms and love her. But I know all of you understand that deeply, and will help us spread that understanding.


May I ask a question? (Gerry speaking) Is there anything that we should know about this site that will aid and protect it?

Al: I understand what you are saying and I appreciate the question. But it has been protected all along and will continue to be protected until it is time for it to come forth in a public way. For it holds keys to this larger picture that I have already spoken about – It will unite, it will open up, it will evolve. The time is a little soon, but it will happen – in a time not too long ahead.

Gerry: Is there anything you would want us to do?

Al: In actual fact my son you are actually following from our inspiration already – Just as this meeting has taken place today with a desire that we wished to take place. And so you have allowed yourself to guide these people …. and at other times we will organise meetings and understandings and you will realise that unseen hands are at work. There is nothing for you to worry about for we know that you are very willing to be of service and we appreciate this. Is there anything else that you would like to ask?

Friend: Could you tell us how we can do our healing work and deal with interference from other forces that are hindering the work of healing – they are creating much confusion and I wonder if there is a way we can complete the healing without this interference.

Al: It would be my pleasure if you call upon my presence while you are doing this work …. you already understand about the duality that exists in the 3rd dimension, and you are actually coping with this very well … it is merely a need to be aware there is nothing that you are doing that is failing … Just continue your work my son, just keep yourself alert. And then deal with each problem as it is put before you.

There are many that work with you. There are many that work with many healers – many Lightworkers – we give assistance – we sometimes push you to a point where it is a little further than what you have been used to – but this is done knowing that you have the ability to work from that point. There is really nothing I could say, other than, to keep up the good work. God Bless you my son.

As you take each step forward in life, know that we are with you, we come from the World of Light, we come with love in our hearts and blessings …. we come from a point of God – and I want to reassure you that what ever form spirit takes in the name of God, we ask that you do not be afraid. We come only to assist and we are ready whenever you call upon us. In some way assistance will be brought to you.

Helen: Is there anything more we can do with regard to the environment ?

Al: It is a difficult problem and we are doing as much as we can to protect Mother Earth. We suggest that all who feel moved by spirit to take a step in a certain direction then to follow that step and to allow themselves to be guided and we will be with you to draw anything that is needed to assist you. Step by step is the way


Friend: Alcheringa could I ask your advice about the work and experiences I have been having with spirit? Do you have any advice about the documentation of this?

Al: You have been working well … and I am really only repeating what I have already said to the others – there is really no need for me to tell you what to do when you can find guidance from within your own heart – I strongly recommend that you follow from that point and all will eventuate. Some of the problems with many, and I am not saying this is for you my dear, but is impatience, just allow situations to eventuate and spirit will assist you in everyway.

And so if there is nothing else I will take my leave. And I do thank you for welcoming here. (Everyone thanked him) It is no coincidence that we are all here this day. More will evolve …. you will see. God Bless you.

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