The Crop Circle and The Whispering Knights ~ John Barrow in conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba

topDuring 2015, John and Valerie Barrow travelled to Europe and spent six months living in France and tracing the footsteps of the Knights Templar, along with identities they had during the time of The Crusades. Both John and Valerie took multiple roles during this time period, and their travels wound up the psychic overlay of many events, thus setting souls – and landscapes free to be elevated into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age. After their extended stay in France, John and Valerie travelled to the UK, where they visited several locations of importance to the Crusades and to the psychic resonance of the United Kingdom. In this conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba, John Barrow explores the creation – and the purpose of – the Crop Circle adjacent the Whispering Knights.

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The Original University

earthlightThe ladies of The Mystery School commence working with The Oracle and uncover their roles as teachers in a Universal school, perhaps like an Original University. Where the experience and feeling in this universe becomes our teacher. The ladies of the Mystery School are given tasks to reflect upon and discuss in common. The Source (God) gives a teaching that each and every explanation has to be given, for people think differently, listen differently and imagine differently. Light is reflected in a different manner in all minds. Hence, the need for multiple points of view when teaching and understanding of the life on Earth. You can read about the work of the Mystery School and the teachers learning. (opens in new window)

Intent: Living in the Now

intentThe ladies of The Mystery School take up their task as teachers in The Universal School, where all mystery schools lead to. In this universe, all life is offered whatever it seeks on the journey home to the source of their being, that original mystery from which we all emerge: source energy itself. Intent is very important – as we ascend to the world of light, our intent creates in the light NOW. The Source (God) takes up the narrative and explains how living in the now, even the nano second, is the way home. (And it can be a way of fun and laughter, the Source suggests.) You may read about the work on Intent and Living in the Now. (opens in new window)

August 2016 Newsletter

columbiaHello Everyone,
Once again, my husband John and I find that our lives are blessed and cared for in ways that we cannot see. After a recent check-up – and missing my appointment for a channelling – I find that my dis-appointment has become an appointment with spirit guides running about everywhere arranging things. All I had to do was be there! Ha!

And our lives can be like this as well. All we have to do is say, “Dear God, I am ready to serve you” with your own gifts, skills and love, and The Source (God) will take care of everything thereafter. On to our newsletter, we are pretty much going up into the skies – as you will see with Marree Man – and then higher to Venus, then the Sun, then the Milky Way and then the Universe with magnificent images. Along our way we recall a day in the past when the UFO’s and cloudships visited us at Canyonleigh, and we look at a very large modern day UFO – once again taking the form of a cloudship. Migaloo – the white humpback whale – has returned the eastern seaboard coast and we rejoice!

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July Newsletter №2

whiteHello Everyone

We – that is, you and I, my husband John, and all who come here and read, along with our friends and well-wishers are all lightworkers of a kind. One kind or another, we carry the light within as the hope, the path and the goal for mankind in these days of darkness, in these times of challenge, in these times of madness when shocking thoughts reach down into individuals as a river of darkness and there is death, many deaths, and much suffering in the news bulletins. We are light-bearers! Before we were born, we agreed to come here (it is our soul contract) – to this darkening Earth – and to hold the light, in our hearts, in our minds, in our words and in our actions. This is all that the Source of All Creation asks of us. And the Source of All Creation, that love, that powerful vibration, will surround us and uplift all we come into contact with. Be still a while and know that you are ONE with THE ONE.

In this newsletter we look to a New Moon coming this Tuesday, and we bring research and considerations about the Moon. Over in the Mystery School, we have received information about the Central Sun of our Galaxy and the nature of the matter of this Sun and what emanates from it. Under guidance – and some speculation – we bring you information about Superwaves, and Binary Stars and what science is discovering, day by day, about our Universe. We take a look at what is possible with photography and smartphones. As Valerie said, “We may never trust a photo from a mobile phone again!” The Mystery School has been given much information about the history of the hairy-upstanding-ape, and in this newsletter we bring news of the ‘hobbit-humans’ and earlier versions of the hominoid and the “missing gap”. Who did they breed with? This is the mystery anthropologists and other researchers wrestle with. When the Divine takes birth as human, there is much said about the form and purposes of such a birth and life. We bring you a startling perception of Jesus. We also hail the return of Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale to the waters of Australia’s eastern coastline.

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2017 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Conference, Byron Bay

closewidgetThe 2017 Close Encounters Conference will take place at Byron Bay on the weekend of 15-16 January 2017. Valerie Barrow will be one of the Inspirational Speakers at this conference. Today UFOs are reported here in Australia and world-wide every six minutes. Hence, Valerie will be attending to speak about her experiences of Starpeople, and the teachings she has brought forth on the works of the Starpeople on this planet, Earth.

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