Working with the Highest Point


The Source of All Creation has been compared with a many sided diamond; when you look inside a diamond you do but see more facets of light that appear to expand to infinity. The Source in fact said that if we – or The Source itself were to count all its facets we would run out of zeros. We – and The Source – wouldn’t have enough Zero’s!

Human life – that is life with being, awareness, intellect, consciousness and a higher consciousness is precious. Many were mystified when Sri Sathya Sai Baba told that all life seeks to be born on this planet in this galaxy. The Source went on to say that it is a way of giving many, many people that have form from many different Galactic Races to incarnate with a Soul that have come to this planet to learn to understand each other and to help one another. That is the Agreement they have when they come. However, other shadow is with them also and that needs to fall away before they can come from the purest point of Love. Because the Source of All Creation is the energy of LOVE.

Shakespeare told, “All the world is a play” and The Source confirms: everything that happens here is a play of consciousness which has a reason and a purpose. Many work with The Source; there are others around this planet that are doing exactly the same, they are like the mountain peaks above the clouds. The Source offers a method of working; it is not an easy road. There are many influences on the mind in an earth body. The Source explains that it is a responsibility which requires respect – within and without – to work with The Source itself. An invitation is given to many. You may read the about the recent meeting of the Mystery School and Working with the Highest Point here.

The Source of Light


The ladies of The Mystery School follow the guidance of The Source and take time out to meditate. This is due the method which The Source and its agents (such as Yalarm) utilise profitably float ideas around the Ladies, and to disseminate information and material about life, its structures, its common spiritual essence in all the galaxies; matters not considered and reflected; other paradigms and horizons – for our Universe is so radically different to our 3D existence. Living and working with The Source requires that we make space within for the information to be downloaded as essence in a higher vibration. This is because we are all moving to the 5th Dimension. Just as Love Makes Space for another to be loved, so also, working with The Source makes space so The Source may give itself. Hence, the frequent calls by The Source to meditation. (In another place, The Source tells, “A day without meditation is a day wasted“).

There are many matters deserving of reflection. The Source hints at this by advising that there is lLight in Dark, which throws science on its head for science defines dark as the absence of light. Jalarm has also given hints about the speed of light. When light exceeds the speed of light it disappears for us. However, we are told this light is visible in other dimensions. The Source returns to answer questions that require the hearers (and you, our readers) to engage further investigation and reflection. One might “dive deep” as it were, in order to find what it is The Source has to give us. With the second question arising from meditation, we learn of sacred geometry, the equal sided cross and the role and function of astrology in the human journey.

You can read more of this session’s work by The Mystery School here.

The Place of Intuition


In times past The Source has shared with us that this world is light, and that light can have a solid form. Just as we are advancing to the 5th Dimension, so there will be night and day, hard and soft, heat and cold and light will have solid form just as it has had in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions.

We are not limited to what has happened in the past – although for many it is important that we learn from the past so we do not make the same mistakes in the future. This applies to corporate greed and manipulation just as it applies to our inner habits and our ego-self. It is very, very hard to change the ego. Most light-workers and fellow travellers who are working with The Source know that sacrifice is not necessary in religion, and some light-beings, guides from other stars have been channelling just this, recently.

The Source has shared that imagination is the nation of images. Just so, intuition is inner tuition, knowledge, information and understanding that comes to us from the spirit world around us. In fact, there is no separation from the Spirit World although many would deny this, emphatically. The Source takes up The Oracle to give an extended teaching on intuition and its role in the lives of all on their soul journey. In fact, The Source goes on to explain how all races (star People)in all galaxies and universes share similar features, similar inner organs, and intuition once they come as a Soul into a Human Earth Body; there is no cause for mistrust. This message from The Source is referring to every Earth Human being the same – that their sameness is the binding thing that would help (the star-people) the souls (especially new souls) coming to Earth to come to understand each other. And go on to find peace and harmony. That is the main reason for the GREAT PLAN here on our planet … put together by the Angelic Realms for people to come to Earth and evolve the Divine Light and Love in this corner of our Galaxy.

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Newsletter, May 2016


Hello Everyone,
There is so much to share on this Mother’s Day, 2016. Our Mothers are women of forgotten sacrifice in so many ways. Much of life is “done for us” in our early toddler days. We are washed, breast-fed, clothed, burped, and held closely in those early days. Later as we grow, we are told not to play with our food, to wash our face and hands before meals, and not to get our clothes dirty, and take your fingers out of that drawer! There is so much that mothers do to help us grow and live, to flourish as wonderful light workers: all this is possible due the works of our mothers. ON this Mother’s Day, can I ask you all to send up light and love to the The Source and ask that it be sent on to mothers in need – mothers who suffer, mothers who worry, mothers who are doing it hard. The Source knows where to send our love ever so much better than we can imagine!

IN this newsletter, once again National Geographic share their work in exploring what is behind the walls of King Tut’s tomb. We bring you news of ancient papyrus manuscrips, reflections and evidence on life after death, and even more reflections – by way of video – on the existence of star peoples. We look once again to the Bird Peoples and go to the Temple of Hera for the lighting of the ancient Olympic Flame.

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An Introduction to Regression

beginningMy constant service to humanity has been regression: helping people to understand their journey through the Cosmos – their lives on other stars, other planets, and their lives here, on Earth. I have learnt a lot from listening to the ‘people’ remembering Galactic memories. No one person I have worked with has been the same. Similar perhaps – but never the same. I can understand this is why everybody on Earth is different – again sometimes similar – but never the same. In this series of articles, I will be sharing regression work I have done over many years.

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Regression with a Woman who was a Spider; the Galactic Spider Race

funnelwebIn the year 2000, Valerie leads a regression with a woman who recalls being a Spider. The visions and journeys of this woman/spider challenge ordinary human perception. She comes from a planet that has a Black Sun and everything is in silhouette. The woman/spider speaks of spider webs, the role spiders play on Earth with elimination of disease and their coming to Earth in space vessels.

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