July 2016 Newsletter №1


Hello Everyone
What is it about the cold days that brings so much more hustle and bustle? So much to do and so many places to go to, and we try and keep warm and keep the winter germs at bay. There is so much to share that we bring you an early newsletter for July; one and another astronomer mention the Sun has gone blank twice recently, and Cosmic Sai Baba chimed in, suggesting that not only was our Sun ringing the changes for all in our solar system, but also that there was much activity occuring in the Sun in the background!

Many years ago Oceangoing Team X found a circular rock-like formation on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, and this has come into notice again; perhaps humanity has a great discovery about our past in store. We all know of the “Hole in the Ozone Layer” and how this has led to an increase of skin conditions, and to global warming; we bring you news of the reversal of the “hole in the Ozone Layer”, welcome as it is. We share beautiful visuals of the worlds longest carving, made from a single trunk, and some timely reflections on how you are not your illness. (Perhaps my husband John and I should attend, tsk, tsk) We take a look at a strange planet with three suns, join the BBC as they examine the meal Leonardo Da Vinci placed on Jesus’ table, and look more deeply into the esoteric 4th/5th Dimensional Battle of Britain, money in banks and the role of Brexit in the 4D/5D Europe and the rest of our planet, and its spiritual significance.

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Newsletter, June 2016


Hello Everyone,
Winter has arrived on our doorstep and there seem to be election campaigns everywhere you turn. Well, maybe that is a hint from “Upstairs” about these challenging times we live in. As “Upstairs” tells, we can be in the world, but the world is not in us. We can have our own “election” and remember the God-I-Am essence within, the Soul that Cosmic Sai Baba so often speaks of; it is the Source of All Creation within ourselves. A little like the light in our firefly, here. It is there, and it is light and love.

In this newsletter, we bring you material from the Afterlife Report, and reflections from Ken Page on Ascension or Insenscion. The man-made land bridge between India and Sri Lanka makes interesting reading. There was an earthquake in the surrounds of Uluru, and Alcheringa has given a message about this. In the light of this message, we share correspondence between Valerie with one of our writers. There is much talk of black holes, events surprising all the scientists about black holes, and we also share about Goddesses, 3D maps of the Universe and the Sound of the Sun. In these chilly days, we wish you happy reading!

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September 2014 Newsletter

Sanat Kumara

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our latest Newsletter for September 2014. Jalarm the Atlantean and Cosmic Sai Baba have spoken several times in the recent transmissions that we will soon be receiving irrefutable evidence of and contact with the Star Peoples, here, on Earth. We bring you some video and evidence of the presence of the Star Peoples, in recent months, and in the past, with research into the origins of the human that became modern man and woman.

In this newsletter we explore a phenomenon with some photographs, an indigenous Native American Prophecy of the Oneness of All and the necessity of sending a message to corporations about our Oneness. An Australian researchers looks into carbon dating and finds that the evidence raises issues with commonly held theories about Neanderthals. Life has been found existing outside our International Space Station orbiting Earth. Then, we bring you the Human Story in two very short minutes! Hold on tight!

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August 2014 Newsletter

Sanat Kumara

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our latest Newsletter for August 2014. Cosmic Sai Baba has spoken several times in the recent transmissions that these look like days of chaos on our planet – this is not so, he has assured us, and the coming of the Golden Age is here. In other transmissions, we have been assured we are actually all living in the 4th Dimension, now. All are in the 4th Dimension, we have been told.

This latest newsletter brings you news of archeological digs in Australia, fun and games on the space station with an interesting experiment, a mystery captured on an empty sea vessel about to be cut up and news of Evan and Steven Strong’s latest book, Ancient Aliens in Australia. We also bring you photographs of what seem to be Wanjinas (think of the rock art in the Kimberleys in Western Australia) found as rock art in Chattisgarth in India. We have an interesting newsletter for your reading this month.

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Newsletter, January 2014

colourful sunrise

Hello Everyone,

Here is the January 2014 newsletter from my website. The New Year began with a New Moon in Capricorn, a most auspicious start to the year, which promises spiritual evolution and changes – albeit too subtle for some, yet apparent to lightworkers like yourselves – changes on a mass level; an ascension, barely perceptible, for humanity and all life on our planet. I have much to share with you from the present, and from our past.

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Newsletter, November 2013

Book Cover - two soul mates

Hello Everyone,

Here is the November 2013 newsletter from my website. Much has happened since our last newsletter, and I have a new book published, SOULMATES. The Oracle and Yalarm have patiently helped us to understand reincarnation and the star-peoples. Yes, Starpeople reincarnate! I have a new article on my website about Aunty Lila, who called me “my baby”; we were told we are both of the White Sisterhood of the Cosmos. The Aion Gateway of 23 November gives a Heart Centre Meditation and I hope you find all the other information here useful! It’s been busy days with my new book!

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