Cosmic Sai Baba confirms Kodaikanal visit in May

Many around the world have been stunned by news of Sai Baba appearing in Kodaikanal in a “light” body during 12 – 21 May 2014. Talks given by Sai Baba and accounts of this visit have been distributed.

On this day of 27 June 2014, Cosmic Sai Baba has confirmed to Valerie Barrow and her husband John, that he did in fact appear in his “light” body at Kodaikanal in 2014, and will be making many more appearances.

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Newsletter, December 2013

White Lion Cubs

Hello Everyone,

Here is the December 2013 newsletter from my website. It has been a busy year, with much travel and engagements, and many messages from “Upstairs” about the progress of Mother Earth in the 4th and 5th Dimensions. I have much news to share with you all.

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Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal – 20th March, 2013

Valerie Barrow at the Autumn Equinox, 20 March 2013

We had been asked by ‘upstairs’ to anchor the energy that had come into Earth at the Turning Point on the Solstice of 21st December 2012.

The energy of Holy Spirit is with us all. We had been asked by ‘upstairs’ to anchor the energy that had come into earth at the turning point on the last Solstice 21st December 2012. The Equinox was allowing the energy to fully anchor into the centre of the Earth.

Seven people gathered plus two guests and 1 baby were invited to join us in meditation down the valley – focusing on the Alcheringa Crystal. It is a Master Crystal both for healing and communication and holds the energy of the Creator Ancestor well known to the Australian Aborigine.

Valerie Barrow and others at the Equinox Ceremony

Valerie Barrow and others at the Equinox Ceremony

Our focus was to form an image or intent to connect to the World of Light and request a pyramid of Light to flow like a river directly from The Source down through the crystal and on through the Earth to its core centre. The Divine Creative Sound, OM, was chanted three times. The meditation continued again to include Uluru – connecting to the crystal and requesting the Divine Light to earth through both points into the centre of the Earth. Again, the Divine Creative Sound, OM, was chanted three times. The meditation then saw and felt the new energy from the Source coming in stronger than ever and anchoring into the whole of the Earth – bringing Peace and Harmony and raising the consciousness of all who live upon the Earth.

Valerie Barrow speaking at the Equinox Ceremony

Valerie Barrow speaking at the Equinox Ceremony

We waited for a being to speak through John Gray this day on this special occasion, but there was no One to speak.

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

(Valerie):”So with great love and respect I ask that we open ourselves today to Holy Spirit and call upon Alcheringa to be with us and we welcome him into our presence. Thank you.

To our surprise another came through announcing:

“It is I Cosmic Sai Baba, not Alcheringa , because Alcheringa is an aspect of me – but as Cosmic Sai Baba I come from a Hierarchy … and I wish it to be known that a Hierarchy exists and it is influencing much of what is happening on your planet at this time.

It is a very important evolvement that is taking place upon this planet and I want you to know and be at peace … that is a good thing … it is not harmful to anybody … it can only go on to release, shall we say, the unwanted … and I will not name this but you will know what feels right … and what feels wrong and so we will say it releases the wrong that is on this planet and allows a new energy to take its place and lift everybody’s spirit – lift everybody’s heart so they will feel joyful and happy and be able to live with one another in peace and harmony.

If they disagree about something … they will agree to disagree. In other words consensus will reign. This is an edict from the Angelic Realms which has been asked of the Hierarchy.

I am not going to ask questions—I would like you to focus on your heart—because your heart is a consciousness and within it is the answers to questions that you may have in your mind. So when you sit quietly with this crystal or in meditation (in the light) … just sit quietly … focus on your heart … and ask the question about yourself … about your life … about what is going on around you … or about the Cosmos itself.

The answers are all there—you have unlimited knowledge within your heart.

It connects to your SOUL and your Soul holds all information. It is the part and aspect of you that moves on and lives on after you leave your physical body … but it also is moving and listening to all that is happening around the Earth and the Cosmos — and so you can tune in to your SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS which is in the seat of your heart and find out the information that you require.

Please do not have any expectations … for expectations will limit you … I want you to keep your mind open—your heart open—and freely allow the energy to come in as you look towards the sky and feel the presence of the consciousness from your soul and from the Creative Spirit — The Creative Energy of All.

You are All God Beings — You are All Light Beings — This is an edict that has happened Eons ago.

So God Bless you my children … I hope you will listen to my message this day.

I send my love to you …

I, God, Bless you.

We all stood in a circle and gave thanks for this blessing today. As the moment of quiet still reigned a beautiful dragonfly flew onto the front of my blouse and stayed there for some time. It was as if it had been sent by the Hierarchy. See how gold the colour of its body is and its head shone like a turquoise crystal.

It then flew and landed on John Gray ‘s chest. And the last visit it made to Paul – onto the back of his shoulder. This is a photo of the dragonfly blessing us.

Golden Dragonfly

Golden Dragonfly

The dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world:

 Dragonfly ...          Breaks illusion,                   Brings visions of power,                             No need to prove it,                                         Now is the hour!  Know it, Believe it,          Great Spirit intercedes,  Feeding you, Blessing you,           Filling all your needs. 

(Taken from Medicine Cards – Sams & Carson – Bear & Co.)

The Alcheringa Crystal sits in the valley at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, Australia.

People may be interested in visiting. Please contact John Gray (02) 4878 9305 or visit their website, Satori Springs at

Valerie Barrow reaches down to receive the energy of the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow reaches down to receive the energy of the Alcheringa Crystal … the green Sai Baba ring is visible on her hand.

©Valerie Barrow, 2013

2012 Messages: Predictions and revelations about 2012 and the Grand Shift of the Ages

Book Cover, 2012 Messages

2012 Messages is a collection of detailed predictions and insights from notable psychics, channels and intuitives about 2012 and beyond. One chapter contains the work of Valerie Barrow.

We are headed into new territory where there are new rules. Humanity and the Earth itself are evolving now—a lightening fast quickening—and we are being offered the chance to take back our power and use it to create a New Earth.

We are waist-deep in this transition and the road ahead may be rough for a time, but through foreknowledge, spiritual understanding and the release of the fear of change and the unknown, we will all be a part of the birth of a new consciousness.

Gathered from over a dozen psychics and channelers, intuitives, even the Mayan Elders themselves, comes needed information about the time period we are living in right now – 2012.

Valerie Barrow has been a light-worker for many years. Author Craig Howell has included material from the Cosmic Sai Baba, as channelled by Valerie Barrow. The author also mentions how helpful the messages given by Alcheringa have been.

Is this the “End Times”, or just the end of a time and the beginning of another? The sources say we are at the threshold of the birthing of a new consciousness, but with birth comes upheaval as the old ways struggle to remain in a new world where they have no place. We are in this transition from the old to the new. It is coming on so quickly, we will barely have time to catch our breath between the massive changes that are about to occur in our economic systems, on the earth and within ourselves.

This time has been foretold in prophecy after prophecy for thousands of years, but known mostly through the attention on the Mayan Calendar called The Tzolkin, which some say ends on December 21, 2012 after over 5200 years. This has caused great fear and uncertainty among the masses.

This book answers many questions about this year and this time period we are in: A Grand Shift of the Ages. There are many possibilities, but one thing is certain: after the transition is complete, things will never be the same again.

  • What may happen on December 21, 2012?
  • Will there be a pole shift or magnetic pole reversal?
  • Is time speeding up as the Earth’s rotation slows down?
  • Are we entering a “time of truth” where all will be revealed?
  • Will this be the year of almost instant manifestation of our focus?
  • Are we at a crossroads in our evolution and which path will we choose?
  • How could releasing fears about 2012 be your best protection?
  • Could the world financial system shift to a new model?
  • Will we witness the start of the collapse of the political system in the U.S.?
  • What wild weather or earth changes could occur and where?
  • Are we shifting along with the Earth into a higher dimension?
  • Could a massive solar flare create havoc with our grid?
  • What are the Mayan Elders messages to the world from their own prophecies and teachings?

Craig Howell has been a published writer since 1993 when he created and published his holisitc/metaphysical monthly publication, “The Wheel” He has since created four books: “A Flower Unfolds” (spiritual giftbook), “Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin” (Q&A with a Kwan Yin channel), “Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls” (basic teachings for teen empowerment) and “2012 Messages”. He has contributed to many publications online and in print, most recently in Dell Horoscope Magazine.

This book is available in several versions. You may order this book online.


Valerie says that she has also listened to Craig’s CDs and found the sound was from another world. Valerie shares, “I immediately, when listening to Mayan Days of Sound felt my eyes clear and my body buzz all over. The sound I felt was clearing and balancing my energy field. I asked John to listen and he shivered and then said, he felt his body buzzing also. Highly recommend people to listen to his work.”