Alcheringa Crystal – pictures from the Blessing

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

beginning of vesica piscis

The beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is visible.

beginning of vesica piscis

Another view of the beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is clear.

vesica piscis and corona

The corona of the concentric circles forming the Vesica Piscis are visible. The Vesica Piscis is below, indicating the presence of more than two circles in the sky.

vesica piscis and corona

The Vesica Piscis is beginning to be visible. Note the outlines of five circles in the sky, all forming part of the Vesica Piscis

Halo Effect in the sky beginning to form

The Halo Effect is beginning to form. Note the orb of light behind the tree.

Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky

The Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky.

Zig Zag in the sky

The Zig-Zag lines begin.

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form.

Participants watching the Halo Effect

Participants watching the Halo Effect.

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles.

Vesica Piscis is clearly seen

The Vesica Piscis is clearly seen.

zig zag line shooting out of concentric circle

The zig zag line shooting out from a concentric circle.

View of corona of concentric circle

View of corona of a concentric circle.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona and other lines from concentric circles.

Halo Effect showing Corona  concentric circle

Halo Effect showing Corona and lines from concentric circles.

Chalice formed in sky from clouds

Chalice formed in sky from clouds.

Valerie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies

Valerie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies.

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Blessing of the Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal – dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

The Alcheringa Crystal is a Healing Crystal and at the same time it functions as a multi-faceted Communication Crystal. It is called the Alcheringa Crystal for the Light Being by name of Alcheringa holds its energy.

As you might have read on other pages in this website, I was working with the sacred Alcheringa Stone, wrapped in paperbark, that belonged to the Australian Indigenous people. It linked me with knowledge that is outlined in my first book, titled The Book of Love, by a Medium.

Tony Schaeffer’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

Tony Schaefer has written his view of the Blessing Ceremony at Canyonleigh:

“On Easter Sunday, 15th April 2001, a dedication ceremony was held that heralded the commencement of a Healing Centre at Canyonleigh.

At the end of the ceremony, a most remarkable sequence of rainbows (no sign of rain clouds) appeared in the western sky at around 4.00pm. There was a series of five circular rainbows two of which were inverted. The top two connected in a tangent, another two crossed over to form the Vesica Piscis or the symbol of Christ, seen as a fish.

This phenomenon is known as ‘The Halo Effect’ and is extremely rare.

The Halo Effect

This was indeed appropriate, for one part of the Dedication Ceremony was to implant a large quartz crystal in the ‘Heart Centre’ or ‘Christos’ of the complex.

This also coincided with the fact that a medium told us before the event that on the day we would have a sign from Christ in the sky.

Vesica Piscis

There was also a bright light, almost as bright as the sun, on the arc of one of the rainbows and some unusual cloud formation. One cloud had the form of an angel and another, a distinct pyramid shape, with capstone included.

If this wasn’t enough, an eagle circled the property for almost an hour, its presence said to be denoting sacred land.

The Dedication Ceremony was held in front of nearly 100 guests and was celebrated by traditional aboriginal protection rites from Indigenous Australian Mathew Doyle, (incl. didgeridoo), prayers from Catholic Nuns, chanting and blessings by a Buddhist Monk, and the presence of The Peace Angels.

This property was known as Alcheringa located in the Southern Highlands of NSW near Berrima, just 1½ hours drive from Sydney, 1 hour from Wollongong and Nowra and 1½ hours from Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Valerie told me that she and John, her husband, had a vision of the property being a Healing Centre when they first came 12 years earlier. She believed that when the road to the creek at the bottom of the valley was cut, a ‘spring’ had been released and that the water held healing properties.

Valerie also told me that the Golden Mean, which flowed from an energy vortex of light in the land had been dedicated, by herself, to the unseen Ancient Aboriginal Spirit of the land 8 years earlier. This is where the 80 kg quartz crystal now resides, once again being dedicated to the Ancient Aboriginal spirit, and spreading the energy of light through the land. It is appropriate that an Australian Aboriginal Healer brought the crystal to the land.”

Judy McConchie’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

A friend Judy McConchie has written her view of the Blessing Ceremony:

“Following the beautiful dedication ceremony that included an address by Valerie Barrow and Tony Schaefer, the ceremony of bringing in the crystal to be laid onto the point of Light coming from within the earth began.

An Aboriginal welcomed us to this area of his ancestors, with the blessings of chant, dance and didgeridoo music. An address and blessings from a Buddhist monk and also Catholic nuns and the presence of Peace Angels, completed the ceremony.

Approximately 100 men, women and children joined in happy fellowship and the sharing of food. By late afternoon a large number had departed. At the conclusion of the stirring of the sacred water in a bio-dynamic ceremony, that was sprinkled around the land to assist growing and abundance, there appeared the most ‘heavenly and Divine’ symbols in the sky.

The first signs were of small rainbows of intense colour forming arcing patterns of sacred geometry. In the north-west an Orb of intense illumination, with an accompanying flare of colours of the rainbow, became the riveting symbol. Radiant rays of light would appear from it at intervals. A perfect ‘sign of the Fish’ the Christ symbol, appeared in pearlescent light near the illuminated Orb.

Sign of Fish and illuminated Orb in sky

A chalice formed and a floating form of wispy cloud brings in thoughts of an angelic being appeared beside it.

Captivated, we looked higher – there in perfect unison, two forms of identical fine lines of cloud started to form another chalice, this time lying on its side. The fine lines of cloud joined up in the centre as we watched forming the rim. A perfect cup shape appeared as fine lines trailed back from the rim. Then a shaft of light formed the stem of the Chalice, perfectly at the base of the cup.

The Chalice in the sky

The sign of the fish became even more pronounced as it drifted into the western quadrant of sky. Looking back to the glorious Orb, a pyramid started to form next to it, intensifying and becoming perfect, the apex becoming more radiant with each passing moment.

Behind us in the eastern sky, were layers of cloud in zig-zag arrows, reminiscent of the Tree of Life. A sense of deep awe, wonderment and gratitude for all that we were witnessing was experienced by us all.

As the sun sank lower, it lit the huge crystal that had been put in position earlier. There appeared a small point of light that seemed to emanate from its centre. It was awe inspiring. When next I looked up, the sky was filled with layers of arcing brilliant white light in the western sky.. It was truly a Blessing from the sky with Christed energies, most appropriate for the Alcheringa Crystal and the Ascension Easter Sunday.

In meditation later, Judie received this channelled message from the World of Light:

“In as much as you brought your soul being unto this place, following being invited by the Heavenly Realms through our Servant to the Light, the loving light energy – Valerie Barrow, as she is named on this your plane, you have been blessed by being in the energies of this most auspicious moment in Time.

This truly is holy ground, holy space, and an intergalactic opening of the thinning of the veils that allows the Communities of Light to walk amongst you. The momentous display in the heavens was an orchestration of ‘signs’ for all those with hearts to ‘See’, to be brought into resonance harmony with the glory of the Creator from the heavenly realms.

Through colour in rainbow and crystalline energies above, did the display dispel all the limited thought-forms in the beings present assembled. All will be of such strength in the Joy experienced from witnessing the symbols created. Whatever their soul’s journey from this day forward, will they be blessed by the high resonance frequencies integrated into their field of higher consciousness, that will journey with them for all time – even unto beyond their physical form on this place in this lifetime. For they have experienced a fusion between Time and Space, even though for some this will become apparent in their consciousness at a later timing.

They will become likened unto the Spark of Light that was seen in the Heart of the Crystal – and so the momentous outcomes from this high focus event will unfold for you as the passage of Time as you know it, transpires.”

Alcheringa (the property)
Alcheringa, the sacred stone wrapped in paperbark
Alcheringa (the Crystal), and
Alcheringa, the Spirit Being (at Uluru)

Around the same time I had two mediums visit our house at Canyonleigh to work with the Council of Light from the World of Light. Our focus was, and is always upon World Peace, but this day was the first time I was introduced to The Light Being known as Alcheringa.

He spoke alternatively through my friends, sometimes through Rosemary and then sometimes through Brian. He made us laugh – but it was his way of introducing himself to me. He told us He was the Golden One, and that he had been working with the indigenous Ancient Elders since the beginning of Creation and that he resided at Uluru.

He also told us that Canyonleigh was directly connected to Uluru and he meant not only from the underground meridians, but also from the raised frequency of Light that existed both at Canyonleigh and at Uluru. When I visited Uluru not long after, he spirited my car keys from me to introduce me to a higher understanding about myself and Uluru. (You can read this story here)

It is interesting that the indigenous people used to travel to Canyonleigh from the Coast. They called it a place of healing waters and a meeting place to communicate with other native countries. This was before the white man came.

I digress here, for while the three of us were sitting in mediation and receiving our introduction to the spirit of Alcheringa – a huge fat candle that I had lit in the middle of the glass table – caught fire.

Flames were leaping into the air along with smoke, but we didn’t panic because it was not out of control and in fact the fire quickly died down to allow the candle wax to melt and flow out onto the glass table top – forming an image that looked a little like Uluru itself.

The burnt candle

View of Ayers Rock from the air showing striations across the top of the rock

This was demonstrating to us that Uluru was an asteroid and that at another time it had come as a fiery mass, into our earth’s atmosphere – broken into 6 pieces and the bulk of it landing where it stands now, in the Red Centre of Australia or what we call The Heart of Australia bringing major change to Earth’s evolvement.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

Evolvement has taken place and now the Alcheringa Crystal has been re-ignited by a shaft of Light. The Alcheringa Crystal still stands in the valley at Canyonleigh ready to bring change to anyone who sits with their hands on the glass pyramid covering the 80 kg crystal, and also to act as a communication crystal allowing an intergalactic opening with the Heavenly Realms. This initiates a focusing of the Spark of Light within the heart and soul of the person, and is what was seen in the Heart of the Crystal on the day of the Blessing from the sky.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

You can find the property which has the Alcheringa Crystal by visiting the Links page on this website, and then clicking the link to Satori Springs.

You can view some more pictures from this day here

About Moldavite

Moldavite Tecktite

moldavite from Besednice

Tektites are generally defined as silica based glassy meteorites. Most tektites have scarred surfaces, are tar black to blackish brown in color and are rarely larger than two inches wide. Moldavite belongs to the tektite family and is one of the rarest varieties manifesting in a gem quality bottle green to brown green color.

There are two theories concerning the origin of Moldavite Tektite. One is that it has evolved in the deep archives of outer space and is a true meteorite. The other school of thought, which is more widely accepted, is that Moldavite Tektite was formed from rock which melted after being hit by a meteorite. This would indicate that Moldavite Tektite is a rare and wonderful mergence of that which is extra-terrestrial in origin with that which is born out of the womb of the earth. Whatever the case may be, these advanced crystalline structures entered the earth’s atmosphere in meteorite, asteroid or comet form to serve a very special purpose for those inhabiting the earth at this time. Being known as the extra-terrestrial gemstone, Moldavite Tektite is among the rarest of gems and is obviously a true gift from the heavens. Manifesting an unearthly green ray, Moldavite Tektite will lend its extraterrestrial transmission to profoundly impact the consciousness of those who choose to attune to its frequency.

Moldavite Tektite essentially has two important functions. First, it is one of the only stones in existence on the planet at this time that will assist Star Children to acclimate to an earth plane environment. Moldavite Tektite has very much in common with beings originating from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and other star systems. It, too, has travelled a long distance, through vast oceans of space, to arrive on this planet named Terra. It, too, has its origin in regions and realms that until recently were beyond our comprehension. It, too, is intimately connected to sources of knowledge and energy that will serve in the healing and awakening of the human race. Sharing these vital similarities, Moldavite Tektite will lend an ear of understanding and a heart of compassion to those beings who are struggling to adjust in a world of such drastically opposing polarities. The new green ray that Moldavite transmits is a combination of green and brown, of healing (green) on the earth (brown).

Many souls now inhabiting physical bodies have come into this world seemingly unequipped to deal with the elements of human suffering, emotionalism and the material realities inherent on this plane of existence. The source that these highly sensitive beings originated from was very different in nature and spiritual climate than that of this earth. Our earth, named Terra, is indeed a very powerful, moody and beautiful creature, which can never be underestimated or accurately predicted. Her peoples are as diversified as is her terrain. Her fertility and ability to yield life is unsurpassed in our universe. And yet, she is temperamental and can become angry and suddenly reactive. Now, Terra has become fearful for her own survival and has sent out a call into the mighty universe for assistance in her own liberation from the life forms upon her surface that would seek to do her harm.

This call has been heard from afar. Now, besides the chosen ones (see ‘those who choose to stay, Crystal Healing, Vol. II, pages 157-159) who have worked diligently on Terra’s behalf for millenniums, other soular breeds are incarnating in order to reseed the earth with a new race of being. The only problem is that for many of these freshly incarnating souls this is their first time in a physical body. Many of them haven’t a clue as to how to deal with inhaling and exhaling an atmosphere, let alone dealing with such things as the physical senses, emotions, and mind sets such as separateness and sin. Many of these star souls are unable to fully integrate their expanded consciousness into the physical brain structure and are experiencing epilepsy, brain imbalances and malfunctions, and autism. Moldavite Tektite can be placed on any (or all) of the chakras on the head to treat any of the above mentioned dis-eases. It can also be successfully used in the treatment of the psychological-emotional distresses that can accompany such maladjusted human-light beings. The healing earth-green of Moldavite Tektite greatly assists, not only in activating the healing energy so vitally needed for these souls, but also in the grounding process and evolutionary advancement of these new breeds upon the earth.

raw moldavite from Besednice

The second purpose that Moldavite Tektite will serve is in conscious communication with the star-seed sources of origin. It is a healing balm for the deep longing of so many people (the chosen ones) to go home. This heartache is a common malady among those who are consciously remembering who they are and where they came from. If placed upon the third eye, Moldavite will assist in conscious communication with the source related to as home. It also relays into the mind of those using this stone the message that “transforming Terra is of utmost importance and the earth has become the chosen home. ” This may come as a severe shock to many souls who are waiting for the big opportunity to beam-up; but harsh as it may seem, the message remains the same.

Once star souls enter the earth plane experience and master the five senses, they undergo an extraordinary evolutionary process which is unknown and incomprehensible to those folks back home. They have engaged in experiences and have grown in ways that have transformed the very nature of their beings and altered their identity forever. Returning to the star system related to as home would be like moving back to your parents’ house after you have been out in the world on your own for forty years and expecting everything to be the same as when you left.

Those beings who are freshly arriving, as well as those who have been through the entire physical plane cycle, are now at a bountiful harvest time. They have an incredible and unique opportunity at hand to literally recreate the earth in a way that will encompass the spiritual laws of home into this physical world. That is the purpose. That is why these souls are here. That is the hope and the glory of this whole divine experiment. Moldavite Tektite will ease the deep longing for home and assist in creating the willingness to be here and stay grounded in order to create a reality that includes so much more than the one known in a far distant past. It will assist star souls to accept with pleasure the opportunities that exist now on Terra for full scale transformation.

Moldavite Tektite, if placed or worn at the heart chakra, will heal the longing for home so that home will truly be where the heart is. If placed at the third eye and/or meditated with, it will transmit and translate original laws and revolutionary new ideas into the consciousness for manifestation onto the earth. If used consistently, it will activate the higher brain centers and reawaken latent memories, knowledge, and information. Moldavite Tektite can also facilitate direct telepathic communication with extraterres¬trials or friends ‘back home. ‘ In so doing, evolutionary information can be communicated back and forth. This will benefit both those on the earth and those beings aligned with the same star system yet not incarnated in the physical plane at this time. To increase the effects of this type of interdimensional communication, use Moldavite Tektite in conjunction with The Transmitter Crystals (see Crystal Healing, Vol. II, pages 111-119).

As with Selenite, it is important when working with Moldavite Tektite to work with other stones that will assist in grounding and assimilating the energies that will be conducted through this higher octave crystalline form. Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black Onyx, dark Rhodonite and Hawkeye are all beneficial stones to use when working with Moldavite Tektite. They will facilitate the proper integration of the stellar rays that Moldavite transmits. If not properly grounded, Moldavite Tektite can take you too far out there and leave you spaced out and disassociated with the physical plane, which in return can create even more turmoil. Use this stone with those that need to accept physical reality and balance with the earth plane elements. Please do not use this powerful energy to merely identify with the ethers. Instead, use it to incorporate the reality of other worlds onto Terra. Moldavite Tektite answered the call that Terra sent out for healing. It is here to transmit its earth-green ray into the very heart and soul of Terra’s star breeds.

Source:The Crystalline Transmission, A Synthesis of Light, by Katrina Raphael. ISBN 0-943358337 Aurora Press, 1990, pp 241 – 245

Holy Grail with Green Stone from Leonardo da Vinci
A reverse image superimposed over Leonardo’s Last Supper
shows the Holy Grail with a green stone

The Moldavite Story

A green crystal – known as the Moldavite Stone

moldavite from Besednice

In earlier days, when we first moved to the Southern Highlands, I was awakened from a deep sleep and asked by a voice from ‘upstairs’ to find a green crystal.

I thought that was strange, as I had never seen a green crystal. Always dutiful to my spiritual guidance I decided to travel to Sydney on other errands but also with intention to call into a well established “Esoteric Bookshop” where I knew crystals were sold.

Later, upon arriving at the shop I asked the owners if they had any green crystals? To my surprise they presented to me a tray of smallish green crystals they called a Moldavite glass stone. I was advised that it was actually a tektite that came from outer space and was only found near the Moldau River in Czechoslavakia.

I gazed at the tray of stones with one catching my eye as if it was saying, “Pick me, Pick me.” As I lifted the small stone toward me I was overcome with a blinding white light and a strong male disembodied voice spoke to me, saying “You are going home.” “Going home?” what on earth was he speaking about. I was shaking badly and had to sit down – the shopkeeper was concerned about my reaction and ushered me to a chair. In fact she suggested I lie on a massage table in another room until I recovered and she also said “It is not the first time someone has had a reaction to these moldavite stones.”

It took about 1 hour for me to steady myself. I found the stone was a 17 carat stone and the numerology of the price was 17 – my birthday is on a 17 day so I considered that to be a sign and decided to buy it. I still couldn’t touch the stone – so the shopkeeper, very kindly understanding what was going on, wrapped it in a box and placed into my handbag. It was several weeks before I could actually hold it, introducing the energy of the stone to myself, touching it with one finger only, until it felt comfortable.

This experience was in the year 1986, and it wasn’t until I received the Aboriginal sacred stone in 1994 and the stories that followed from that time, did I realize that the message I received “I was going home” was referring to a memory from my soul being a Star Person and coming from the Pleiades in the huge Mother ship Rexegena. That story told of 50,000 Star People coming to Earth in Peace – to hold Divine Light on this Earth and to assist in creating the transformation of the hairy up-standing-ape into the Human form – meaning a ‘Light man’

We had been stranded on Earth as our defenceless Mother ship had been attacked and blown out of the sky. We struggled to survive; with no way of returning from whence we had come. The full journey is soon to be completed. If you wish to read about the disaster and its positive outcome – it is available as an eBook and soon a reprint of the book Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created, will also be available.

My recent research advises that the Moldavite stone is also known as the “Grail Stone” or “Star-born Stone.”

Scientists say that millions of years ago there was a meteorite shower, and this rare, bottle-green crystal was the result. It belongs to a group of Tektites, which are fragments of extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites and the ensuing melted combination with terrestrial rocks when they crash to the earth.

Moldavite is named for an area of Czechoslovakia in which a large crater field was discovered. They are among the most rare minerals on earth, rarer than diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, and prized by humans for thousands of years.

Holy Grail with Green Stone from Leonardo da Vinci
A reverse image superimposed over Leonardo’s Last Supper
shows the Holy Grail with a green stone

According to legend, the clear, deep green stone in the Holy Grail was Moldavite. and anyone who touches the “Grail Stone” will have a spiritual transformation. (Didn’t the ancients know something which has since been forgotten – before we remembered the source of the Moldavite?)

This stone activates the ‘”dream states” and is said to induce positive life changes and also helps widen our cosmic consciousness. It is helpful for personal and spiritual growth, and to release old habits about which you are aware, deep down, need to go.

I certainly have gained cosmic consciousness and now I am able to assist others to connect to theirs.

I have a memory of the Mothership Rexegena (refer to The mission of the Mothership Rexegena ) and had a dream when I witnessed it exploding portion, by portion, after it had been attacked. (see also Notes re technology aboard the Mothership ) In my memory (and many other peoples’ memory) the Mothership was stationed on the outer atmosphere of the planet Earth. The ship was organic. With the starpeople’s technical ability they were able to make it grow into the magnificent ‘state of the arc’ piece of equipment – when it was raised on the 8th planet of the constellation of the Pleiades.

The explosion in my dream looked like a nuclear explosion – hotter than the sun, causing the Mothership to melt. Many perished on board.

IT WOULD HAVE FALLEN TO EARTH—and this is what is now named the Moldavite Stone. Our memory tells us some of its remains went into water and some onto land – mainly around Bohemia and Moravia, of the Czech Republic.

raw moldavite from Besednice

Scientists are still baffled about Moldavites and their source. Refer to the origin of Moldavites (on the Wayback Machine, a web archive) and about moldavites (both on the same website).

From a geological point of view, moldavites belong among the so-called tektites. This word comes from the Greek word tektos, which means ‘melted’ ; and was first employed by the geologist Franz Sues in the year 1900

When I was first awakened by Spirit and asked to find a “a green crystal” I had no idea they existed, let alone the story that has since unfolded about The Mothership Rexegena.

Czech moldavites hold an especially significant position among other tektites. They are the only tektites that are transparent (glass like) and that stand out with a variety of green shades.

I do not find it difficult to accept that the Mothership melted and fell to earth, and that the dating of the Moldavite Stone could be confusing unless it was accepted that the substance comprising what we now called Moldavite was first made by Star Peoples and hence needing a different approach in human scientific enquiry.

Body Snatching


This article is an addendum to my article about Does the Soul exist? and the story of how souls can be exchanged with permission from The Source.

This is a story of a soul exchange taking place without permission from The Source.

Body Snatching

A friend of mine, we shall call her Shirley, had a young niece that as a young teenager was caught up with taking illegal drugs and the pitfalls that follow that.


Shirley and her husband had felt that the young girl, Nancy, was in trouble while her parents were overseas. So they traveled to the city to find her. And find her they did. Sharing a house in the middle of the city, with three young men who were heavily into drugs and shooting up as the saying goes.

My friends were extremely worried about her as she admitted to using some of the needles. Contracting AIDS was, of course, a big fear. They managed to coax her to come and live with them with Nancy only agreeing to move if she could bring her boyfriend with her. Needless to say he was also heavily into drugs and as they soon found out had a negative ‘Police history” and was visited regularly by his Probation Officer.

the boyfriend

They put up with him being in their house for their young niece’s sake, quietly praying that he would soon leave – especially when they had to put their foot down in that he wasn’t to use drugs while in their house. Eventually the girl lost interest in him and confided she didn’t want him around anymore. This was great news to our friends so that when the ‘boyfriend’ complained about her lack of attention he was advised it was probably best that he leave. Which to their great relief, he did.

Nancy then began to make a normal life for herself, with a good job and regular money to pay off a car.

Her parents eventually returned from overseas and she moved back to live with them.

On her 21st birthday we were all invited to her birthday party where we met the new man in her life who was learning to fly an aeroplane and taking her on joy flights. We were all very happy for her and relieved that she seemed to be getting her life back together again, and planning to marry soon.

joy flight

I was sitting musing about this at the party when a “voice” spoke to me from someone who seemed to be standing beside me, although in spirit, saying, “He is not nice you know.” I knew the spirit was referring to Nancy’s new boyfriend.

My startled question to the spirit was why? I was advised that the original soul in his body had not been able to return to his body after a drug overdose while being treated in hospital. It gets a little complicated in the telling – for the new soul in the young man’s body was actually a soul /spirit who had ‘jumped’ into the body while it was in a vulnerable state. In other words he had stolen the body without permission from The Source. There is a Karmic Board that operates in the transitional worlds from our Souls leaving our body and returning to the World of Light. That same Karmic Board overviews all souls who sojourn in an earthbody from its birth until its death.

To explain further, Nancy’s father had accidentally died from an overdose of drugs and alcohol when she was only a little girl. He was, what is known as a lost soul or a ghost that had been hanging around in the Astral (or the next world) trying to cause mischief between her mother and her new husband. They joked about the chandelier rattling when they were in bed, not really taking the experience very seriously.

lost soul

The lost unhappy soul continued to “hang around” and later began trying to entice his daughter to kill herself so that he could have her company with him in his lost world. He was influencing her to ‘try drugs’ and nearly succeeded in getting her to end her life through contracting AIDS by using the contaminated needles at the house she was rescued from.

This influence was always experienced by Nancy “as a voice in her head telling her to do certain things.” She really didn’t understand where the voice was coming from, but rather she was confused into believing it was some part of herself.

Sadly on a joy flight, with her boyfriend piloting the aeroplane; it accidentally crashed into a mountain killing both of them.

My friend Shirley sort advice from a competent medium as to what really happened?

The Medium was able to see Nancy leave the small aeroplane in her spirit, just before it crashed. Nancy in spirit waited for the spirit of her friend to be released from his body after the aeroplane crashed. She took him by the hand and gently guided him ‘back to the World of Light.’ In so doing she saved him from being a lost soul and his continuing unhappiness and severe loneliness.

flowers in church

You could well say Nancy gave up her life to save another soul. Her diary was found after her death with beautiful poems written in it and a request that when she died she would like the church to be filled to overflowing with flowers. At some higher level of consciousness within her, she had committed to playing out this very sad earth life drama to save her father’s soul.


“Greater Love hath no man but this, that a man lay down his life for his friend”
Gospel of St John, chapter 15, verse 13.

Does the Soul Exist

Does the Soul exist?

“Does the soul exist” you ask – “Of course it does” comes a firm reply – “and who are you?” you may ask. So let me tell you, if you will listen, how I know about some exchange of souls taking place in a physical human body.


From time to time people come to visit me and ask for a healing. On one occasion a man, we will name him Jeremy, came feeling very unhappy with hi life, with little energy and no will to go on. He had tried many avenues to help himself. He wanted me to just talk to him. I led him into a quiet, advanced, meditation and with his eyes closed he told me he could see a young man standing beside him who wanted to take over his physical body. Jeremy said, “I am ready for the exchange to take place although I am a little worried that the new soul is not very experienced and won’t look after the body.”

Jeremy lay very still, hardly breathing, he looked almost dead, when I felt an angelic presence overlight my body and gently lift his soul up through the top of his head and back to the World of Light. As I watched, I saw the new soul come into the top of his head and climb into Jeremy’s body as if he was putting on a body suit. Stretching his legs and then his arms and running his hand over his jumper an even the hairs on his arms, it was if he was feeling the sensations for the first time. His eyes were still closed. I assisted him to sit up and asked him to remain quiet while I moved away to get him a drink of water to help ‘earth’ him.


As I returned with the glass of water I was startled to see Jeremy standing on his head in the middle of the room, with his legs crossed above his head – yoga fashion. I asked him “Have you ever done this before Jeremy?” and he replied, “No.” With that he jumped up and began running around the room excitedly. He was a different personality. He wanted to go for a swim in the pool outside and even run down the hill to the dam and jump in. It was all I could do to stop him; it was winter and far too cold for swimming. He was, as has been described, a younger soul and not so experienced in life here.

At other times, in an altered state of consciousness, people have regressed to a past memory in this present life of when a soul exchange had taken place within their physical body. It helped them emotionally, giving them understanding as to why so much had changed in their life afterwards. Usually the past memory had been during a serious accident or illness. All of these experiences were brought to me to show how the same thing had happened when my physical body had nearly died. I hasten to add that this exchange does not happen in every ‘Near Death Experience’ event.


I am an ordinary grandmother who has had some extraordinary experiences – and still do. Since I had an NDE I have come to understand that not only did I briefly die, but that there was an exchange of souls that took place at that time. I am a very different person from the person who left this body.

Knowing that skeptics or doctors could say I was, or am hallucinating, doesn’t explain why there is often such a major change in the personality of someone who has experienced an N.D.E. It is true that such a life threatening challenge could profoundly affect people, causing them to question life itself. “Why didn’t I die?” “Why am I still here?” ” Who am I?”

One has to ask why is it so many N.D.E. people seem to begin seeking answers and enter into a spiritual search within themselves. In my case there was a calling. A reminder of why I am here. It is nothing to do with religion or an obsessive need to convert people. Not only do I believe; I know; and for me there is nothing to prove. How could I anyway?


I can only tell you of an authorative male sounding voice calling me one night and telling me I was going to receive messages. And so it began, a joyful experience, one where I was awakened at night by this voice who literally taught me many things, including basic physics and chemistry – an insight into how everything is energy; and nothing is solid. Nothing is ever lost although it may change its form. I was shown how spiritual healing works; it is true it has a lot to do with a state of mind, and the acceptance of a power from the creative source of all, one that can be drawn upon by intent. It is the same all pervading power that forms a human body in the first place. The same power that causes flowers to bloom, and then die back to seed, growing to bloom again – Never ceasing –


Since science has graduated from physics to quantum physics there is an uplifted understanding of other dimensions. I have been shown the existence of other worlds, other dimensions as if I have developed a quantum mind. Science doesn’t need to be re-written to explain these things – just gain an expanded understanding. There is a measure past the speed of light. A frequency, blinding in its brightness, that will not burn, if you are ready for it.

Out-of-body experiences, prophetic dreams, psychometry, synchronicity, mental telepathy – clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, mediumship and past life memories have all been my experience from time to time. Have I lost you? If so, I apologize. These are difficult subjects to explain if you don’t believe in souls, or life after death, or accept that we are not only the body we walk in. What I can assure you is that I am normal, not hallucinating and my soul is standing in this body with both feet firmly on the ground.