World Rainbow Serpent Day

World Rainbow Serpent Day is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about Cosmic Consciousness. The day will be first celebrated on 12 January 2018 at the Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru in central Australia. The celebration will also be observed in many other countries along the Rainbow Serpent Leyline on 12 January.


Activities planned on that day at Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Planetary Solar Plexus chakra) will include the Inaugural Cosmic Consciousness Conference, indigenous celebrations, sacred tours and various workshops and demonstrations.

Any individual, group or organisation can participate in World Rainbow Serpent Day by constructing a solar umbilical cord from the Earth to the Sun on this day. The theory is that this will increase the influence of higher frequencies of life, as they flow, in both directions, between Earth and the Sun; and that this will be of benefit to all life forms on Earth.

We invite interested parties to align with this wave of energy that is spread around the world, each contributing their own unique event symbolically and energetically acknowledging this exciting time as we move towards a 5D consciousness – heaven on earth, ‘Cosmic Consciousness’.

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Why choose 12 January as the World Rainbow Serpent Day?

We are working up to 12 January 2020 – the date of a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction. It is believed by the Anangu elders (and others) that a significant shift will take place – perfection will spread throughout the world – a cosmic umbilical cord will unite heaven with earth – a true cosmic consciousness. The Anangu Aborigines speak of a great ritual at Uluru which was disrupted, and never completed, at the end of original Creation Time. This day in 2020 is an ideal time to complete the ritual. 

According to French schools of Celestial Alchemy, this particular outer planet conjunction is the most magical and eagerly anticipated union, out of all the various outer planet unions. After 2020, the next Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are in 2053 and 2054, in the sign of Pisces.


Note that the 2020 event is really an exact quadruple conjunction, with the Sun and Mercury also within 1 degree of the Saturn-Pluto position. This will intensify the event, in terms of the heart, love, trust, and communication. Uranus stationary-direct in Taurus at the time will increase the event’s ability to positively affect material structures. 

The primary focus for this event is in Australia. Also, the Altai Mountains should be active at this time. Belukha is the highest peak there, in the area where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakstan meet. Long ago, this was the region where the Aeon of Taurus was activated, when the mobile planetary 6th chakra was in the area.

11 July 2017

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30 April 2017

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