John’s Stories

johncornerSince my husband John and I (Valli as he affectionately calls me) have made our travels to sacred places and had insight about past lives we have shared together — he has agreed now to tell some of his “other stories“.

These I shall upload from time to time. Being from a man’s point of view and it not always being ‘spiritual’ he would say, but rather from a place he would describe as sitting on a fence. He loves to tell stories and in particular one he believes his Mission in Life is to make everybody laugh!

In writing his stories it will not do credit to his ability to break into a foreign language as he speaks or develop an accent or pose as in theatre. And his modulated English speaking voice without accent. International – without accent – I would say. Here is a photo of my dear and sometimes difficult husband, said with love and a smile. John Wynford Grey Barrow.


John Wynford Grey Barrow

 John Barrow

A Visit to Norfolk Island


While we are waiting for John to relate some of his stories in his own words – I came across the story written when visiting Norfolk Island in 2002. Upon our arrival we found It happened to be the 146th Anniversary Day, Commemorating the landing of the Pitcairn Islanders on Norfolk Island on 8th June, 1856. A mixture of joyous and sad occasion.

We followed their slow walk down to the Cemetery. Read More


First Interview and the Ghost of the Tower of London


John Barrow shares his first interview for a job, and his experience of a ghost in the Tower of London.

Read more


The Mystery of Château des Ducs de Joyeuse


Two of our grandsons came to visit and began asking questions about the paranormal. Grandpa wanted to tell them our story of our visit to Cathar Country in South of France.

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The Ghost of Charles Dickens – Part 1


I have been speaking about past lives John and I have experienced on the earth plane together as ‘Soul Mates,’ and I would like to speak about more past lives awakened together in our travels to sacred places. Before that though, it seems upstairs wanted to assist John with health problems and behavioural problems that existed between us. We are total opposites in personality and yet that has become an opportunity to find balance with each other and in so doing; we have been teaching each other. And so we dive into a two part tale of a great teller of tales (a stage actor, really), John’s past-life as Charles Dickens.    Read More



The Ghost of Charles Dickens – Part 2


As we have been taught by our Spirit Mentors and guides from “Upstairs”, we are not born with a blank slate. Rather, we bring a soul blue-print with us and we journey through life interacting with the souls we agreed – in the light – to work with and bring about healing – theirs, and our own. For John, the Charles Dicken’s life was important for his soul spirit to review so that usually with release of the memory, the emotions are healed. However it was so deep seated within him there was a need for him to release the trauma he had suffered in his childhood in this life.    Read More


John’s Talk at the Old Lawrentians Reunion, Sydney


John and Valerie attended the Old Lawrentian Reunion in Sydney on 24 October. John Barrow is an alumni of St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Kent and has been established as a “public school” ever since it was founded. John gives an account of an influential Master – the Rev. Martin Martin-Harvey who was most kind to young John Barrow. Read more here




Valerie reflects on the Crest of St Lawrence College

John and Valerie attended the Old Lawrentian Reunion in Sydney on 24 October. John Barrow is an alumni of St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, and gave one talk. Valerie also gave a small talk – sharing her reflections about the School Crest with its surprising Templar associations. Read more here


Eleanor of Aquitane Part IV – John’s Memories


Arriving in England, the intrepid explorers of the paranormal set off to explore John’s memories: Army, Royal Fuselier, and Charles Dickens. John and Valerie travel to Oxford, England, where they encounter Eleanor of Aquitane and the marker for the Beaumont Castle. Travelling to the coast to see the Rollright stones, they encounter crop circles. After alarums and excursions with John and the dental plate, more time is given to walk through John’s soul story. You can read about the adventures in Eleanor of Aquitane Part IV





The Crop Circle and The Whispering Knights ~ John Barrow in conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba


During 2015, John and Valerie Barrow travelled to Europe and spent six months living in France and tracing the footsteps of the Knights Templar, along with identities they had during the time of The Crusades. Both John and Valerie took multiple roles during this time period, and their travels wound up the psychic overlay of many events, thus setting souls – and landscapes free to be elevated into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age. After their extended stay in France, John and Valerie travelled to the UK, where they visited several locations of importance to the Crusades and to the psychic resonance of the United Kingdom. In this conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba, John Barrow explores the creation – and the purpose of – the Crop Circle adjacent the Whispering Knights. You can read John Barrow’s conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba here.



John Barrow and Virtual Reality


John and Valerie Barrow travelled to France during 2015 and finished their travels with a visit to the United Kingdom. On this journey, there was closure for records or signatures of past events associated with the Crusades, Queen Eleanor, King Richard I (the Lionheart) and the Knights Templar, and importantly, the energies associated with the Crusades.

John Barrow has concluded a conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba on the Whispering Knights and certain energies associated, and the unfolding of Ascension and what the higher energies of the 5th and 6th Dimensions will feel like – as John and Valerie were given a ‘taste’ of what life would be like. John Barrow now moves on to another subject, that of bi-location and virtual reality, the capacity of humans to experience being in two different places at once. Read more here.